I have a very bad habit… ok it’s actually a good habit if I follow through. I come up with an idea for a post, so I start a draft. I figure this is a good way to remember that I need to do it. But then sometimes it takes me FOREVER to come back and finish it. That is usually because I remember that I have some deadline posts or other work that I need to do. I then say “I better do that and finish this later.” Well later usually does not come for a while. And sometimes the post content is no longer relevant so I just never finish the post. Sometimes I can go back and revamp the content and make it relevant, but sometimes I don’t bother. And then, of course, there is life getting in the way. There are often other more important things than finishing a blog post.

So, with that being said I have a confession. There are currently 55 drafts in my dashboard. YIKES! This is a mixture of sponsored posts, non-sponsored posts, reviews, and tips, etc.  I have a mission to get EVERY ONE OF THEM PUBLISHED. Now as stated some of them may not be relevant anymore. However, I can at least get an idea for a new post from every one of my drafts and turn them into something useful. Right? Yeah… right. :\

So what is my plan? It will be a slow road, but I am going to try to complete 2-3 drafts each week. And if it is a post that I just really cannot use anymore, I will delete it. My goal is to eventually have zero drafts. Of course, this is in addition to all of the other posts that I have to do. Sigh… But from now on I am going to try to complete any drafts that I create in a timely manner… 3 days max.

So… come on… it is your turn to confess. How many drafts do you have?