Your smartphone, tablet, or laptop that you keep with you from day to day is probably your lifeline.  But it’s not just about the device. It is about the data on the device. Things like photos of your children is something that you do not want to lose. And you probably don’t want untrustworthy prying eyes looking at them either. In addition to photos, there are probably several others pieces of data on your device that should be for your eyes only.

I decided to do an inventory of items on my phone that I would not want ‘shady characters’ to have access to. I scrolled through my 7 screens of apps on my Note 3 and made a list. The number of things that I found was surprising.

Common Data Stored on Your Device

  • Contacts
  • Emails
  • Calendar appointments
  • Bank account information
  • Kid’s school information
  • Home alarm system access
  • Shopping accounts
  • Online streaming services
  • Cloud documents
  • Sensitive notes
  • Social media accounts
  • Shipping account info
  • Invoicing and billing apps
  • Text messages
  • Map search history
  • Travel information
  • Car insurance information
  • Smartphone carrier account
  • Gift card accounts

That is a lot of data. And you may not have even thought about the fact that all of that data that is stored on your device in various apps. This is a lot of data that can lead to identity theft, or even physical theft if it falls into the wrong hands. The data above can give a criminal access to things like your home address, passwords, bank info, and much more. For that reason it is extremely important that you protect your device from theft and hacking.

I say again TURN ON YOUR DEVICE SECURITY.  You should also double check that your passwords for various online accounts are secure. Steer clear of passwords that include your name, family members names, easy words, and easy number combinations. Also, be sure to keep your device close. Be careful leaving your device visibly accessible in public places. Be weary of playing with your phones or tablets on public transportation. And lastly, use device protection.

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Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Absolute Lojack. All opinions are my own.