I have lived in this house for just about 8.5 years. For most of that time I have driven the same mini-van. This means that I have backed out of my garage hundreds of times without incident…. until recently!

This past February I was backing out of my garage as I did every day except this time I came too close to the garage door opening and clipped the driver’s side mirror. Doh! Luckily the whole thing did not come off. You have seen those cars haven’t you? I was thankful that I did not have to duct tape my mirror back on the car. LOL! However, a little of the plastic on the side of the mirror broke off, and the mirror glass cracked in like 3 places. Luckily, it did not fall apart. And I was still able to see (mostly).

Under normal circumstances, this is something that I would have gotten repaired right away. However, I had not yet heard of Mirror Glass Plus. Traditional automobile side mirror replacement is not cheap. The minimum repair cost for replacing a broken side mirror is $200. This could be much more depending the vehicle and how much labor the repair shop decides to charge. However, in my case I opted to not get mine repaired. Why? Well, none of the mirror fell off, and I knew that car’s days were numbered. I planned to get a new vehicle in summer, so I decided to suffer through it since it would only be a few months. If it was a car that I was keeping, I would have made an appointment to get it fixed right away.

There are some people that drive around with broken mirrors for years! Please don’t do this. 🙂 You can actually replace your car side mirror yourself! Now, if I would have known about this when it happened to me I would have been all over it. Mirror Glass Plus sells replacement mirrors directly to consumers at a fraction of the cost of a traditional repair. I looked up the cost of a replacement mirror for my van, a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan. It would have been only $24.99 for the type of mirror that was on my van. Now that I would pay right away! And since I love tinkering and fixing things (blame the technician in me), I would have had no problem giving that a go myself.

The search tool makes it super easy to locate the correct mirror for your vehicle. They have replacement mirrors for just about every brand. They carry mirrors for Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Lexus, Mercedes, and just about every other vehicle model that you can think of.


The installation page showcases several videos that show you exactly how to install your new mirror yourself. Have an issue? Call the customer support number and they will be happy to help you out.

So if you have been driving around with a broken side mirror now is the time to change that. Check out the Mirror Glass Plus website and find your replacement mirror now.


Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Mirror Glass Plus and Acorn Influence. All opinions are my own.