While there are several TV shows that I love to watch, because of my schedule I don’t usually get to watch them while they are actually on. I am an addicted marathon streamer! Because of this I usually avoid social media at the times that I know that “my show” is on. I don’t mind live tweeting of shows. It is fun. However, on more than one occasion I have scrolled down Facebook and accidentally saw a spoiler of a show that I did not want to see. I immediately look away and say “Oh no!! I did not want to see that.” This also happens right after a show.

Because I don’t like this happening to me, I am very cautious when sharing info on shows and movies. No one likes spoilers! If I am posting on social media, I do it only in the groups designated for that purpose. If I am posting on a public forum I may just post something like “Wow! That episode was intense.” But I give no details.

But we all know some people that will say “OMG, did you see Scandal?? I cannot believe that Joe was the one that killed her!” (totally made up statement). And then you have to follow up with “No… I didn’t see it yet. Thanks for spoiling it!” LOL! Don’t you just hate that??

So what kind of TV show spoiler are you? Take the quiz on the Netflix Spoiler site to find out. Tweet your results to #NetflixSpoilers. I’m a Coded Spoiler. 🙂 This means that I say it without saying it.




Disclosure: This post is part of my involvement on the Netflix #StreamTeam. No compensation was received. All opinions are my own.