Learning happens every day… for kids and for parents. Heck, when I help my kids with their homework I feel like I am in school all over again. It is true what they say, if you do not exercise your brain each and every day it is easy to forget some things. But as parents we get help with that. Besides doing homework, kids ask questions about absolutely everything! If you are a parent you know this is the case. Sometimes we just want to say “Baby, that is enough questions for now!” But as parents we usually have to oblige. And of course we don’t know everything. As our kids learn new things we learn right along with them. Learning can be fun. Technology is here to help.

The Scholastic KidQ app was created to facility the learning. Parents and children can sit together and read trivia questions, discuss what the think, and then find answers on the next page.


This app helps parents and children not only learn, but connect through conversation. Opening the app presents you with the QUESTION OF THE DAY button. One of the questions we were presented with was How do you think lobsters hear? (Hint: It’s not with their ears!). Kids can guess things like “with their eyes” or “through their claws”. LOL! Hit the ANSWER button at the bottom and you are presented not only with the Question and Answer, but also several fun facts about lobsters.



Ready for the next question? Hit the NEW Q button and keep the fun going.


  • A random question generator.
  • A prompt (button) that provides answers and “fun facts” for each question.
  • Sharing on both Twitter and Facebook, so users can promote the app to friends and family.
  • A simple settings menu for logging into Facebook & Twitter, and adjusting app settings.

The settings in KidQ allow you to receive notifications and turn on newsletters and offers from Scholastic P&C. The notifications settings lets you set the time that you want to receive a new question each day.

Ready to get the fun and learning started? Download the KidQ app from Scholastic Parent & Child now for iOS or Android.


Disclosure: The post is sponsored by Scholastic Parent & Child. All opinions are my own.