As parents we worry about the content that our children see from day-to-day. They are subjected to TV, movies, music, and online content that may be inappropriate. Even some commercials are inappropriate for young eyes. With the rise of technology this threat is even greater. Kids now have smartphones, tablets, and gaming systems at their disposal. And while we care about our children and monitor what they do we cannot be there every moment of the day.

While some parents may shy away from allowing their children ready access to technology for this reason I know that my kids have to know tech to succeed. And there are many good reasons to allow our children to use technology. Using the right educational apps builds motor skills, brain function, and can teach our kids quite a bit. Educational apps can supplement what our kids are learning in school.

With so much to worry about, there is no reason to worry about the wrong apps falling into our kids hands. But in a world of so many apps, how do you know which ones are safe for your children?

Introducing Moms With Apps

Moms With Apps was founded by parents who care about helping their kids learn and use technology. They understand the importance of finding safe apps for our kids to play. Moms With Apps takes the guessing game out of navigating through the App Store or the Google Play store. There are literally millions of apps available to install on mobile devices. Browsing through Moms With Apps makes the process of finding the right apps much easier. Moms with Apps accepts only those apps which are family-friendly. There are currently 285 developers in its community and 885 apps in the discovery center which are created just for children. This means that you are only presented with the apps that are good for your child.

Moms With Apps includes a detailed search tool that allows you to narrow down all of the apps to find exactly what you are looking for. You can search for apps by compatible device, age range, subject, and other requirements.


Parents can also read about each developer to find out what inspired them to create apps for kids. You can also share your feedback directly with them, and see what other apps they have created. Each developer has to follow this strict checklist in order for their apps to be accepted into the Moms With Apps store:

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The Moms With Apps library is growing every day. You are guaranteed to find several apps that your kids will love. Whether they are 2 or 10, there is something there that will help them learn and have fun. You can find apps to supplement their learning in subjects such as math, science, social studies, and much more.

For more information on how you can easily discover great apps for your children, visit the Moms With Apps website. You can also, follow @MomsWithApps on Twitter. Follow the #MomsWithApps hashtag for more conversations about this great. Also LIKE them on Facebook.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Moms With Apps and the Motherhood. All opinions are my own.