Many parents have concerns about the amount of time that their children spend playing games, or using electronic devices. For years we have been told that too much screen time is bad for our children. Some parents may limit their children’s screen time to only a couple of hours a week. Other parents may be more lenient and allow their children to spend an hour or so each day playing games.

Are your thoughts on the subject in the majority? Or do you fall more in line with the minority? Moms With Apps surveyed more than 450 parents to find out how they feel about children’s apps.

As you can see by the survey results, the stigmata against technology is changing. Parents are embracing technology as a way to supplement their children’s learning. As stated 96% of parents believe that apps are beneficial to their child’s education and development. That is a great number.

However, with that comes some concerns. Parents stated that when selecting apps for their children, the three key issues are: 1) the age-appropriateness of the app; 2) if it’s engaging for their child; and 3) if the app protects their child’s privacy.

Another major concern is in-app purchases. It has happened to many parents, possibly more than once. There have even lawsuits against Apple and Google from parents whose children have made in-app purchases. Just imagine, you give your darling child your iPad to play with for an hour, and before you know it they have racked up a nice triple digit bill buying things in their favorite game. Popular games like Candy Crush Saga, Farm Heroes Saga, and more allow you to buy things during a game to help with game play. Children may not even realize that they are spending real money when they make the purchases. In the survey, 87% of parents reported being concerned about children making in-app purchases. Also, 81% of parents say they worry about apps collecting their children’s personal information.

Moms With Apps can help by providing parents with the ability to search for trustworthy apps in a variety of different subject areas, including science, math, reading and critical thinking. These apps have to pass strict guidelines that prove that the are kid friendly. Moms With Apps also allows you to use the search tool to filter out apps that include in-app purchases. This is a great thing for your wallet!

Moms With Apps also helps you save time by helping you find just the right apps for your kids. Navigating the traditional iOS and Android app stores can be a bit intimidating. Head over to the Moms With Apps website and see how easy it is to use.

No matter if you are a parent who embraces technology, or you are still unsure, the fact is that your children will need to use it to get ahead in the world. You want your children to do well in school, grow up smart, and be able to get a great job. Technology is where things are going. Get them started early by helping them find the right apps to fuel their learning.


Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Moms With Apps. All opinions are my own.