Facebook Pages, social media, and the engagement, or lack thereof are always a popular discussion. We hear a lot about are what companies are doing wrong on social media. But focusing on what not to do doesn’t always help you know what to do. There are companies like The Print Group that can help you manage your social media presence or, if you’d like to go it alone, below you’ll find a few tips to help your business stand out on the social media platform.


Respond. And Fast

The main difference between companies on social media and companies in any other medium is that customers have the opportunity to talk back. The greatest thing you can do to stand out from the competition is to have friendly, relaxed and quick responses to all posts. This is most important on weekends and after hours. Social media makes your company accessible to your customers – make sure you are responsive and accessible.

Don’t be too Self-involved

This may seem counterintuitive, but a great way to boost interaction on your company’s social media account is to post about more than just your company. Find related things that aren’t just about you. Share news stories related to your company’s industry. Post a funny meme that pokes fun at your line of work. Tell a story about something nice in your business’s local area. No one likes self-involvement, and that goes for businesses too. If customers view your business more like a community, they will be more likely to interact with and share your posts.

Get Personal

Social media is not the place for a carefully structured, polished professional presence. It is a space that is about breaking beyond the polished wall, and getting personal. Keep your posts about the people in your company, and not just the company as an entity. This works particularly well when responding to comments. Respond as a person, and not just a business, and you will be more approachable on social media.

Beware the Social Media Competition

Running a competition online seems like a great idea, but you need to do so carefully and with excellent planning. Choose your prize wisely. Excessive prizes can look like nothing more than a publicity stunt, and trolls love that stuff. Smaller, multiple giveaways seem to be more for your loyal followers and will be more appreciated. Avoid asking people to share the status, or tag friends, to win. Instead, ask people to post something light-hearted or funny, and reward the most creative. Photos or memes are a great option. Also, be sure of the rules of the platform that you are using to run your contest.

Stand up to the Trolls

One of the biggest digital obstacles for companies on social media are the trolls that frequent company posts. Before you step out into the digital world, set your business’s social media rules, have them easily accessible on your social media pages, and stick to them. If a negative comment appears, respond to it, and quickly. You don’t have to agree with them, or be apologetic, but you do have to acknowledge it. Be friendly, acknowledge the comment, and then move on. Your followers will appreciate the honesty and the professionalism.

What are some memorable – good and bad – examples you’ve seen standing out in social media? Share your stories below.


Disclosure: This post is brought to you by The Print Group. All opinions are my own.