Unless you have been living under a rock by now you have heard of Minecraft. If you have little boys living at your house chances are they are very familiar with it. My 8 year old twin boys are definitely addicted to Minecraft. They play it all the time. And they love to #GameOnTheGo. I certainly feel a Minecraft themed birthday party coming up in my household. Thanks to #CollectiveBias they got to try out something cool to take their gaming to the next level by checking out the Gameband.


Now that my boys are “Minecraft Experts” they are exploring the benefits of playing Minecraft on the PC over the XBox. I have a cute little computer hooked up to my family room television that I sometimes use to stream movies, or play games. We installed Minecraft on it so that my boys can play on the 60″ TV. Yes… they are in heaven.


One of the benefits of playing on the PC is being able to take your worlds with you. This is possible thanks to the new Gameband Minecraft. This is an awesome gift for the Minecraft addict in your life. Gameband Minecraft™ is created by Now Computing (a Minecraft affiliate) and  is the first-ever Minecraft wearable. They have done a great job creating this pretty cool watch which includes USB storage that allow you to backup your Minecraft worlds to take them with you. This means that you can take your worlds to a friend’s house, Grandma’s house, or wherever there is a computer with an internet connection. Think of it as portable Minecraft! Having an issue with your Gameband? Be sure to contact Now Computing.

Gameband Minecraft comes preloaded with several maps from Sethbling, Hypixel, and Dragonz. This means even more fun for you little addicts to build. In addition it also comes with PixelFurnace. PixelFurnace is an app that lets you customize your Gameband. You can create custom messages, images, or animations to make the Gameband your own.

The way it works is that you plug the Gameband into the USB port on your computer. You run the included Gameband app, play Minecraft, backup your worlds, eject the Gameband and you are ready to go.


I set it up for my boys and they instantly loved it. I was able to add their names to the display. The only problem is that right now we only have one band and they both want it. 🙂


As you can imagine Gameband Minecraft is so instantly popular that it is flying off the shelf. In my local GameStop stores they did not even have a display setup yet! It can be found in the mobile gaming section of your local GameStop. However, if you cannot find it, ask an employee. They may be keeping them behind the counter. You may want to call ahead to make sure that they have it in stock.


The Gameband is available in both small (6.7″) and large (7.2″) sizes for the smallest fan to the biggest fan. It’s super easy to use since the USB port for charging and syncing is built in.


Check out the Gameband Minecraft website to learn more. You can also check out #GameOnTheGo on Twitter to see how others are loving being able to take their Minecraft worlds with them.

Do you have Minecraft fans in your house? Do you think that they would love the Gameband?