Have you ever watched one of your beloved gadgets crash to the ground or fall in a toilet? I have been VERY lucky. In all my years of devices I have only had two real “oopsies”, and a couple of close calls. I have saved my phone from falling in a toilet. However, I have had worse luck. For a while I was not very good about protecting my bubble. There were times when I didn’t believe in additional insurance plans for devices. Those times have changed.

During a party here at my house I was showing a presentation on my iPad. I attempted to move it aside to make room on the table. I made a bad decision to put it on my stand in the kitchen. However, it was not a stable surface. I think I attempted to lean it between some bananas and a mixer or something. Anyway, it fell to the floor. Even though it was less than a 2 foot fall, the edge hit the floor at just the right angle, and voila… a crack!

To say that I was devastated was an understatement. Had I not been in the middle of hosting an event I probably would have cried! Luckily I was able to replace that screen myself. But I will say that my iPad has never been the same!

On another occasion I got out of the car forgetting that my iPhone was in my lap. It was raining. I watched my beloved iPhone fall into the puddle of rain. I said “noooo!!!” just like in the movies for what seemed like an eternity. I snatched it up as quickly as I could. Surprisingly it survived! However, things were wonky. The volume was a bit off, and it definitely showed signs of trauma. Poor phone!

And lastly, you may remember when my darling, beautiful son Kristopher wacked my netbook with a huge bubble wand and broke the screen. Below is what the poor screen looked like after. Uggh!


In all of these instances I had to deal with paying to repair or replace my device myself because it was not covered by insurance. Depending on your device this can be very, very pricey. Insuring your devices can help in this instances. After all, insurance is an important part of life. These days our households contain all kinds of expensive goodies that we do not want to lose. You spend good money on your computers, cameras, phones, and appliances. They should be protected against accidental damages.

Protect Your Bubble insurance focuses on protecting devices, appliances, and much more. Plans start at just $3.99/month and can help with accidental damage, mechanical breakdown, liquid damage, and more. I know many, many people that could use this type of insurance. Have you noticed the number of people walking around toting phones with cracked screens?

Have multiple devices? One plan covers all of your devices. Additional devices can be added to your plan at a discount. This is great if you have multiple devices.

Break your phone? Protect Your Bubble offers next day replacement on phones and tablets.


Visit the Protect Your Bubble website for more information on all of the plans offered, devices that you can protect, and how to get started.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Protect Your Bubble. The opinions and text are all mine.