Do you know that saying I would lose my head if it wasn’t attached? Yeah… that. Some people have that “gift” all of their lives. Others of us seem to lose half our brains after we have children. There is so much to remember! Your own appointments, kid’s appointments, keys, work, laundry, errands, soccer practice, and everything on your husband’s list that you have to keep reminding him of 3 times a week. It never ends!

Sortly recently asked some fellow bloggers to contribute to their fun infographic, 11 Things Busy Moms Always Lose.

All I have to say is… yes, yes, and yes. LOL!  How about you? What do you feel that you lose?

Source: 11 Things Busy Moms Always Lose

Thanks to Sortly for sharing this funny infographic! Here is the list of bloggers that contributed:

Special Thanks:
– Michele McGraw of Scraps of My Geek Life
– Alicia Hagan of Mommy Insider
– Lauren Silverman of MOREganized
– Robin Kelman of The Cline Group
– Liz Taylor of Taylor Organizing
– Lori Cunningham of The Well Connected Mom
– Barbara Reich of Resourceful Consultants