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As parents, we have a lot of things to worry about. Worrying about whether or not our kids are accessing inappropriate info, or inadvertently infecting the family computer with viruses and malware should not be a worry. Unfortunately, this is something that we worry about, as is cyberbullying.


To help parents with the task of teaching their children about internet safety, anti-virus giant AVG and Childnet International have partnered to create an interactive e-book series, Magda and Mo, which teaches about topics such as cyberbullying and safe web searching. Magda and Mo are two curious kids who want to play online. We are able to follow their adventures and help them make good choices. They face challenges such as encountering a cyberbully. Should they face the cyberbully or as a grown-up for help? These are lessons that we can do with our children to teach them how to respond in such situations.


As you gift your children new or used gadgets this holiday season there are several things to keep in mind. You need to install parental controls, install parent-approved apps or software, and of course install virus software. I have used FREE AVG software for years. It does a great job of protecting all of my household computers. I’m happy to see that the are now expanding and realizing the importance of teaching kids about cyber safety.

Lessons included in Magna and Mo include:

MagdaMoAVGAnimishmash and the Cyber Bullfrog (Ages 7+): In this lesson Magda and Mo are playing a cool new game called Animishmash. During their play Bill the Bullfrog keeps sending them mean messages online. What should the two friends do about it? Help them make the right decisions as you learn how to deal with cyberbullies and how to be a good friend.



MagdaMoAVG1The Pirate’s Donut (Ages 3+): Mo’s tummy is rumbling and he wants some donuts. As they wonder why donuts have holes they decide to use their parents’ computer to search the internet. In this click-or-tell story you can help Magda and Mo safely search the internet, find the information that they need and avoid inappropriate content online.




Magda___Mo___An_Interactive_Story_for_Children___AVGCritter and the Space Kangaroo (ages 5+): Mo has found a great new way to make friends online: a fun app called Critter. Lots of people want to be his friend. Help him learn the difference between a real friend and a stranger online. This is a great lesson to teach our kids how to deal with social media. As kids get older they may want to use Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. How do they know which friend requests to accept? In this click-or-tell story, Magda and Mo learn about strangers.

If you are looking for help in talking to your kids about online safety check out the Magda and Mo eBooks. You can also check out AVG Technologies and AVG PrivacyFix. PrivacyFix help you control and lock-in your privacy on your PC, smartphone, or tablet. This keeps third parties from tracking your activities and location. It is a FREE download.



Disclosure: This post is brought to you by AVG and Mom It Forward. All opinions are my own.