Smartphones are our lifelines. And at the rate that they are released these days we may often find ourselves carving the newest version. (I know it is not just me!) But before you run out and purchase the latest and greatest consider thinking through your purchase. Do you really need a new smartphone? Are the features on the newest one worth forking over hundreds of dollars?

The below points supplied by Chameleon John should help you pick the right smartphone.


Operating System

What OS are you looking for? There are three popular operating systems in the market – Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. There are a number of other operating systems too, but their breed might be non-existent in the near future. So, let us focus on these three giants.

Android – This is popular because it is the most customizable OS available. There are millions of apps in the Play Store and the free app count is appreciable. Moreover, there are a number of smartphone makers who are investing heavily in the Android division. So, the variety of smartphones you will get with an Android OS will definitely be more. The downside of Android; it’s laggy at times and can get slower with daily use.

iOS/ Apple – Apple is the most popular OS of the three. This is because it defines perfection. It is fast and the app count is even in millions. Apple has focused on its premium design and does not compromise on quality. The downside of iOS; most of the games and apps are paid. So, you will have to shell out more to enjoy them. Also, the same/ similar design every time can look boring after upgrading it to a new iPhone.

Windows phone – It is fresh and with the recent announcement, it has been in the news. Its fresh looks are attractive and the OS is appealing. The downside of Windows Phone; its app count is poor. Even though some of the important apps are available on the Windows Phone, you will still feel that there are a number of apps not yet available on this OS.


If you are looking for a budget phone, Android should be your choice. This is because there are a number of smartphone manufacturers who have manufactured budget Android phones for the users. However, the persistent laggy issues will be irritating. Some may choose Windows Phone, however keep in mind that the app options are lower. It’s your choice. If you have a decent amount to spend, check out the three contenders , the options that they offer, and make your choice. You can even find an overstock promo code to help you save on your purchase.


With plans to buy a new smartphone, you need to know your size requirements. A normal smartphone usually is between 4” and 5”. However, if you are looking for a phablet, the Lumia 1520 (Windows Phone) and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Android) are two great choices. Decide what you are comfortable with. I carry a Galaxy Note 4 and I absolutely love the size. Having a large screen makes it much easier to navigate and be productive.


If you are planning to buy an iPhone, the looks have not changed that much. The newest version, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus do have more style to them, but basically that style stays the same each time. If you care about looks Windows Phone and Android phones are clear winners which almost countless options available.


Specs are important when choosing a smartphone. Things like the processor, RAM, screen size and type, and storage, etc. make a difference in the function of the device. Many say that iPhone is still in the lead. iPhone users are usually satisfied with the performance of their iPhones. Now, of course we remember news stories of them having a few problems. However, with a wide range of Windows Phone and Android phones, you have to do your homework and pick out a phone with suitable specs.


Smartphone cameras have come a long away. The Lumia series (Windows Phone) has become known for their awesome cameras. Nokia had invested a lot of their efforts in this division and the results have paid off. One of the best smartphone cameras out there is on the Nokia Lumia 1020. This camera has technology that lets it take photos at a whopping 41 megapixels. However, other smartphones such as the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5 can also take outstanding photos. The iPhone series has also been greatly improved. Manufacturers are working hard to stay competitive in this market and are doing well.


This is important too. If you are a professional, you will want a device that is fast and smooth, and that helps you be productive. Whether you choose iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone make sure that you can do what you need to do in your day to day business. Will you be checking emails? Managing social media? Or do you have a special app that you need to install for your business? Knowing this info can save you heartache later. For example, some apps that we use in our day to day business to manage social media are still not available on Windows Phone. And if your business relies on a lot of Google connected usage Android is the way to go.

Battery Life

One thing about smartphones is still that they do not have great battery lives. With heavy use many of them will need to be charged midway in the day. If you are looking for a smartphone that lasts for at least two days, there are limited choices. I recommend that all smartphone users carry a portable battery pack. There are many options available. Check out these overstock coupon codes to choose one at a discounted price.

Contract Prices

In my opinion this is one of the most important factors. How much can you afford per month? f you are planning to buy a contracted phone, iPhones are offered at a price that is really competitive. So, choosing iPhone in this case will not disappoint you. However, Android and Windows Phone are even competing hard to offer their smartphones for a great price. So, you might see some serious competition, when you check out the pricing plans offered by various carrier operators.

If you are planning to purchase a new smartphone, these points should help you pick the right smartphone to satisfy your needs.


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