Fess up… how many times have you watched your kids open up their gifts on Christmas morning and then immediately thought “Dangit!! I forgot the batteries”? Someone usually ends up running out to find the one store that is open on Christmas Day. Or, you steal batteries from other things in the house so that the poor kids do not have to wait to play with their new toys.


I know that I have done it… more than once! Now, I make sure that I keep a drawer full of batteries in my office in various sizes. Also, I have learned my lesson using cheap store brand batteries. While they may good enough to power a remote control that does not take much power, they will not last long in much else! Electronic toys require quite a bit of power. So, when you are out buying those electronic gifts, make sure that you get the batteries to go along with it. If you are not installing the batteries ahead of time, wrap them together. Batteries also make great stocking stuffers.

While a lot of items are able to be recharged, there are a fair number of things that still run on good old fashioned battery power. In our house we have Wii controllers, XBox controllers, remote control cars, remote control helicopters, computer mice, thermometers, car remotes, keyboards, and so much more. Sometimes I feel like I should take out stock in a battery company. 🙂


Not too long ago I posted about creating a Disaster prep kit with Duracell batteries. And that is very important. When you are out picking up batteries for all of those new toys, take the opportunity to pick up some extra batteries for the flashlights in your house. Everywhere that you have a flashlight, store some extra batteries.

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While Duracell batteries are guaranteed to last for 10 years when not in use, you never know when one of those adorable little people that you gave life to will swipe a flashlight and use it for playing hide and go seek. Make sure that you have plenty of flashlights and batteries for everyone in the home to be able to carry their own in case of emergency. Also, with the New Year approaching now is a good time to check and replace batteries in your home’s smoke detectors.

Why Duracell?

Duracell CopperTop All-Purpose alkaline batteries are not only dependable, they’re also made to last long. With a 10-year guarantee in storage with Duralock Power Preserve Technology, there is no worry that when you reach for batteries. They’re great for many of the devices you use on a daily basis in your home. There is no worry of batteries running out every 3 days. Duracell is the #1 trusted battery brand of first responders, pharmacists and parents, so you know it’s a battery you can trust. Duracell CopperTop batteries are available in AA, AAA, C, D and 9V.

Now that you have been reminded, add batteries to your last minute shopping list. 🙂

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Happy shopping!


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Duracell & SheSpeaks. All opinions are my own.