It seems like I am always saying “Where does the time go?” I swear sometimes the rate at which years pass is very depressing. Another favorite phrase is “there are not enough hours in the day.” And man is that true!! While this year has been slow for me in terms of travel, there has been so much else going on that I barely had time to enjoy it. I don’t usually ramble on about personal stuff, but I think that I just really need to get this out!!

The last 2 months have been madness. I had many dreams and aspirations about getting all this stuff accomplished by the end of the year, but instead I’m in a constant state of catch up. You have probably noticed more sponsored posts than normal. Sorry, the bills have to be paid and I have had not had much time to put into writing how to posts, etc. these days.

Where do I start? On October 11th my kids and I were out running some errands. We stopped at the library. While they were browsing books I got a call from my mother. I did not answer it because obviously I was in the library. She left a voicemail which she never does, so I listened to it immediately. She was almost yelling into the phone, “Kris, please answer the phone! I just broke my ankle.” I let out an “Uggghhh… Kids… we need to go NOW!” Everything since then has been a whirlwind of madness and stress.

The fractures in her ankle were so bad that she had to have surgery to have several pins inserted. And guess where she has been since she was released? Yep… At my house. Yes… just email me drinks if possible. I shall supply my shipping address to anyone that asks.

Now yes, I love my mother. However, this is a bit much. Ok, not a bit… this is too much. Working from home is already hard enough with the constant built-in distractions. But, during the day when my kids are at school I had quiet time to myself to get some work done, fit in some house cleaning, run errands or whatever before it was time to pick them up again. And since I’m divorced when my kids go to visit their dad I get even more time to play catch-up. It’s usually so nice to have the house to myself for a while. And when my kids are not home I do as little cooking as possible. I eat salad, fruit, or whatever… but I hardly cook. But now? I have not been alone in my home for over 2 months. And for the past 8 weeks twice a week the physical therapist has come to my house. Once a week the in home nurse has come to my house. Once a month the RN comes. And yes… now I have to cook…. 2-3 times a day I must cook. I must make coffee. I must answer the endless call for snacks. And that is just the beginning. Those who know me and my mother know the struggle and strain! Pray for me. That is all I will say. Trust me…. I should get sainthood after this one.

I live in a split level so the kitchen is on a different level than the guest room and family room, so she cannot easily just go to the kitchen to get things. So, I can’t leave home for long stretches of time unless I make sure that she is left something to eat. A couple of times I have actually moved the microwave down to the family room with soup, etc. where she can reach it. Whenever I’m out I am in a constant state of “I have to get home and feed/check in, etc. my mother.” And I am a person that is usually on the go. I had to cancel a couple of things that my kids and I were supposed to do around the time that this happened.

When I heard that she would have the cast on for at least 8 weeks I think I may just have zoned out. I saw my freedom flash before my eyes. She got her cast off this past Monday. But… she still cannot function normally. She still cannot put weight on her foot. Her surgery scars are healing after having stitches and staples removed. And now… she has to be taken to physical therapy 2-3 times a week FOR THE NEXT 6 WEEKS! She was not in the best health or condition anyway, so getting around is not as easy as it would be for some with crutches or a walker. Just getting up and down one step in and out of the house is hard.

Oh, and all of this is in addition to me going to the chiropractor myself 3 times a week. Can you say Calgon? And I’m supposed to be giving input and helping to plan my wedding. Yeah… ask me how that list is going.

Why is she not her at own home? She lives in an apartment building on the top floor. It is an elevator building, but it is still quite a ways from the door up to her apartment. She would not be able to go down and let the therapist, etc. in. And she cannot drive yet. Also, she has become a bit of a hoarder, so getting around in her place would be unsafe. That is a post for another day… that will never get written. Sigh.

The good news is that the surgery went well, her leg is healing just fine, and the surgeon was happy with her progress. Now of course as she does physical therapy hopefully she will be able to get around more and more and I won’t have to do as much.

Anyway, apparently I have possibly up to 6 more weeks of this. What is keeping me going? Before all this happened I had booked a vacation for next month. I AM GOING!! I will be there. In fact…. I may be at the airport 6 hours early… you know… just in case.