Planes, Boats, and Broken Cars... What a

It’s been quite a while since I’ve composed a post. I just really have not felt like writing the past 2 weeks. It happens, right? On our last episode (ha ha). Ok, not really the last episode, but a few posts ago I told you about life throwing me a monkey wrench. I was dealing with my mother’s injury, and other things that life brings with it. In that post I told you that I was looking forward to going on vacation.

Well, I did! We went on vacation. We saw. We relaxed. We slept. We cruised. We beached. We conquered! It was fabulous. Arriving in Tampa was a bit strange though. When we got there it was only about 50 degrees! And that night and into the next morning I believe the low was 39. Dang polar vortex… Luckily we were prepared since we are Chicagoans. We felt right at home in our coats. However, I’m sure that these rowers were feeling a sting.


When we boarded our cruise it was only about 60 with a cool breeze. It was so strange to see everyone bundled up as we pulled away from the port. However, as we moved out into the ocean towards our destination of Cozumel, Mexico things did warm up.


It was a beautiful 82 degrees at the beach. We relaxed for a few hours, enjoyed some Dos Equis, and I got a much needed full body deep tissue massage. It was fabulous!


We had a fantastic time. We cruised on the Brilliance of the Seas. I love cruising and I absolutely loved that ship. It is a beauty.



We danced. We ate way too much. We boogied with the Macho Men (Village People Wannabees), and we met some new friends who got engaged while on the boat.

If you have not cruised on Royal Caribbean I highly recommend it. This was our second time. The first time we cruised on the Majesty of the Seas. Both ships are great. I look forward to cruising the Quantum of the Seas and some of the other ships in the future. I mentioned that I love cruising right? 🙂

When we arrived back in Tampa the weather was normal again. The temp was back in the 70s where it belonged. Ahhh!!!

Fast forward to when I got home. This happened…

explorer damage

Yeah, that is my new red baby that used to look like this…


Scarlett is in the shop now, so she should be good as new soon. And thankfully neither I nor the other driver was injured in the accident.

But since that happened I have just been kind of emotionally exhausted. These things always happen at the worst times. I did not need this expense when just seriously starting to plan our wedding, not to mention other expenses. But, such is life right?

I’m breaking out of the funk now. Back to business as usual!

Check out more pics of our vacation on Flickr.