Getting older can sometimes leave one feeling a bit depressed. We may worry about finances, retirement, our families, our homes, and more. Even though I am by no means old just yet, I still think about a lot. But there is one thing that I keep ahead of… safety and security. That is why I am happy to be partnered with Master Lock to talk about senior safety.

Do your thoughts about safety change as you get older? I’m sure they do. Younger people can be more carefree and trusting. But as you get older and create credit, buy a home, have children, and get a job, you quickly realize the importance of security. We have locks on the doors, alarm systems on our cars and homes, and we monitor our credit information.

Times have changed, and it is even more important to think about security. Seniors may need help embracing technology and all of the new gadgets available now to protect themselves. This can include a home alarm system, electronic locks, or online security protection. Have you ever had a conversation with your grandmother about home security? My grandmother passed many years ago, but I remember many of her quirky ways. Apparently she didn’t trust banks. She kept all of her cash in a bag at the bottom of her closet. Yes, a bag!

As we get older, it means that our parents do too. Many of them may live alone, which causes us to worry about their safety. My own mother recently had an accident at her apartment building. But luckily it happened in a common area where there were other people present. Had she been alone in her apartment who knows if she would have been able to reach a phone.

Here are a few tips for helping the senior in your life beef up their security. Of course you can also do these things in your own home.

  1. Sign them up for Master Lock Vault:My mother has this stack of crumbled paper that is probably 10 years old where she jots down all of the usernames and passwords to her online accounts. Some are from yellow pads, some are notebook papers, and others are sticky notes. She stapled them all together. And when I ask for her the password to something it is a 1 in 10 chance that she will actually find it. Is this secure? No, not at all. And it is certainly not efficient. On her recent bout of staying at my house I told her that we are going to sit down and fix that situation. Master Lock Vault is the solution. Master Lock Vault allows you to securely store all of your account information in one place. Check out my previous post for more information.
  2. Update their virus and spyware software:While some seniors may be perfectly tech savvy, others are not. They may just use their computers to play games, or browse the web. What they may not think much about is computer or Internet security. Help them out by updating their virus protection software, and installing spyware protection.
  3. Install a home security system:A home security system can not only protect your home or apartment from break-ins, but many modern systems also monitor for fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, or accidents via a personal alarm. You can also set up electronic locks and garage door openers with personal codes for several different family members that may have the job of checking on the resident. Security cameras inside and outside the home can provide even more protection.
  4. Install a door security bar:If living in a rental apartment where an integrated security system may not be possible, at least enforcing the door of the apartment can provide the resident with more security. The Master Lock 20 Gauge Steel Dual Function Adjustable Door Security Bar can be propped against a traditional door, or used to secure a sliding patio door.
  5. Install a home safe in a secure location:My grandmother’s plan of keeping her cash in a bag in her closet was not the most secure solution. A home safe is a much better option. I will soon be checking out a SentrySafe and I’ll share my thoughts. There are many home safe options available from those that are sized just for cash, to larger ones for storing valuables. Convince the cash-stasher in your life to do a better job. 🙂
  6. Ensure that all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working:Unless your detectors are hard-wired into your electricity, you have to check and change the batteries. The ones in my house let off a very annoying beep when the batteries get low. I hate it, but I love that it lets me know when it’s time to change the batteries. Seniors may have older units that do not have this feature. Consider swapping them out for newer units that combine smoke and carbon monoxide detection and that provide a low battery warning.
  7. Install a fire extinguisher on each level of the home:Accidental fires can happen at any time. A Facebook friend just saved her home from a fire because she had a fire extinguisher nearby. Her smoke detector went off and she was able to put out the fire before it did too much damage to her home. Consider keeping several fire extinguishers around the home.

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Disclosure: This post is part of my involvement in the compensated Master Lock Live Secure Squad. All opinions are my own.