Why is it that some people dislike their jobs so much? It may be that they dislike what they do, they do not get along with their boss, or they do not like the surroundings. Depending on the type of person you are, working in a “cube farm” or open office can be tough. There are moments of pure chaos, moments of noise, and you are expected to be social and participate in office functions. If you are an introvert this can be a bit much. However, working in a great office environment can make a huge difference. Sodexo, a leader in Quality of Life Services wants to spread the word about the importance of quality of life in the workplace.

As you already know, before diving full-time into blogging and being an entrepreneur I worked an IT job in a real office. There were some things about my job that I really loved. Although I worked at the same company for several years, I have worked in many different environments. I worked at a Help Desk, so I was the first person that customers saw and talked to when they entered the office. My desk was front and center in the office with no privacy. I worked in a couple of different cube farms. I have had my own office for a couple of years. And I shared my office with 2 different roommates over a few years time.

I didn’t mind many of those situations. I liked my job, and I liked my coworkers. For most of the time that I was there my work environment felt healthy and happy. But at some point things did start to change. And with the change of the work environment comes the change in employee attitudes and loyalties. Some people started to think about the possibility of losing or voluntarily leaving their jobs.

With the New Year usually comes thoughts of bettering yourself in some way. This is not limited to working out, drinking more water, or making up your bed everyday. Some decide that they are going to make a career change and get out of their current job situation. Having a healthy office enviroment can make many change their minds. After all, if you are happy in your job why leave?

So what defines Quality of Life in the workplace? Sodexo has identified these 6 aspects:

  • Social Interaction – factors that strengthen the bonds of relationships. Examples are access to cultural events, concerts, exhibits, etc. for employees.
  • Ease & Efficiency – implementing programs and services to help employees carry out activities with more ease. Onsite child care facilities and programs that help employees reduce stress.
  • Physical Environment – everything that contributes to an individual’s comfort and sense of safety, from building maintenance to comfortable and safe work spaces.
  • Personal Growth – promoting individual progress and growth. Professional development programs in technology, foreign languages, etc. can help individuals advance their education.
  • Recognition – allowing an individual to feel truly valued. Helping to research and create recognition programs that truly reward employees for good work.
  • Health & Well-Being – promoting a healthy lifestyle through nutritious meals, a well-balanced diet and exercise. This can include restaurant vouchers and healthy food options, as well on-site exercise facilities or gym memberships.

Do you feel that your job offers these aspects? I think anyone who works at a company that has all of these covered is very lucky.


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Sodexo. All opinions are my own.