I like to remind my readers time and time again about ways to make extra money from your used electronics. This time of year is very popular for upgrades. Starting at Christmas people get new phones, pass their old ones on to their children, or just stick them in a drawer. Although some wait until right after Christmas to catch the sales.

Because of what I do I quite often have a few old phones at home. I have passed on a couple to my kids to play games. I have given one to my mom. And passed one on to the friend. But, why just give them away when you can get money for them?

Technology is always changing, so there is always a reason that some of us want a new smartphone. Maybe the camera on your old one is not so good, or maybe you decided that you no longer love your iPhone and you want to switch to Android. Even though most cell contracts tie us in for 2 years, some of us just can’t wait that long to upgrade to the latest and greatest. Don’t just put your used phone in your drawer! The money that it raises can go towards purchasing a shiny new toy. 🙂

Here in the US we have a couple of popular sites for selling used electronics. For my UK readers, allows you to easily sell your used phones. The site accepts UK based phones from many manufacturers such as Apple, Nokia, HTC, Samsung, Sony, LG, and more. The phones must work on UK carriers including O2, Vodaphone, Orange, and more. See the graphic below for a full list.


They also offer payment the same day that they receive your phone.

If you are in the UK and looking to sell your used smartphones after this check out This can benefit you because you can recoup of the money that you spent on your shiny, new phone. And it can free some space in your drawer. Clutter is never good! Trust me. I know. 🙂