It seems like this is the longest winter ever!!! I know that it is not true. I think that the past 2 winters have been particularly bad here in the Chicago area. But this winter sure feels long! I am so over snow and cold! We have had some very cold temps here. Some people in other parts of the country cannot imagine what a windchill of -25 feels like. Let me tell you… IT IS COLD! And if it is not freezing cold, it is snowing. We got about another 6″ of snow today. Ugh.

But the cold temps, snow, and having to drive in it are not the only rough things about winter. In winter, more people seem to get sick. The reasons are not completely clear. They range from dry air, to weakened immune systems due to the cold, to the cold weather allowing viruses to live longer and transmit from person to person and surface to person.


Until this winter, my household had been lucky. I cannot remember the last time any of us had a serious sickness. I was thankful!! And then it happened… my daughter said that she did not feel well. We hoped that it would pass, but she called from school asking to be picked up because she vomited. Ugh! I was upset. We had been doing so well. And usually when it hits one child I know that it is only a matter of time before it spreads throughout the family. And I have NO time to be sick. Why does it seem like mom always gets it the worst? So far I’ve been lucky. (Fingers crossed.) I ran to Walmart and picked up the twin pack of Vicks NyQuil and DayQuil Severe Cold & Flu. Of course Walmart also has just about everything else that we needed on our shopping list. They have a wide range of items to deal with sickness. Just about everyone knows that it is impossible to go there and buy just one thing. 🙂 In one stop, you can grab Vicks Severe, Puffs tissues, ingredients for chicken soup, and a warm blanket, toys, electronics, and more.


When my daughter started coughing and couldn’t sleep because of her cough I reached for the Nyquil. You know those commercials that show all of those people sleeping really well?? Well that is totally true! Nyquil can calm symptoms so that your kids (or you) get a good night’s sleep. There is also a daytime version, Dayquil, available to help you cope during the day without drowsiness.


While we never like to see our children sick and we may do everything in our power to keep them from getting that way… it happens. This is especially true if your children are in school… where germs run rampant!

Here are a few tips to try to keep your kids healthy during the busy flu season:

Encourage warm water hand washing: Kids can be HORRIBLE about washing their hands. They either don’t do it at all, or they just rinse their hands in cold water with no soap. Encourage your children to wash their hands throughout the day. This helps cut down germs on little hands that very often end up in little mouths.

Keep hand sanitizer in key places: Over the past few years people have had mixed feelings about hand sanitizer, but it really does help cut down on germs. Keep some in the car, in your child’s backpack, in your purse, and diaper bag.

Teach them to cover their mouths when coughing and their nose when sneezing: I don’t think that this one needs an explanation. Some people just let it all out into the open. LOL.

Teach them not to put their hands in their mouths: Touching surfaces and then putting your hands in your mouth is one of the quickest ways to pick up germs that lead to sickness. Tell your kids this often.

Make sure that eat their vegetables and take their vitamins: A strong immune system can fight off sickness. Make sure that your kids eat a well-balanced meal. It is also a great idea to give them a multi-vitamin. There are gummy versions available perfect for kids.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Nyquil and SheSpeaks. All opinions.