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Skybell- Answer the Doorbell From Your

Have you ever wondered who was at the door, but you did not want to get up to look? I work from home, and very rarely am I expecting anyone to ring my doorbell. I am not the “we are just stopping by” type. If you are coming over, I better know about it! When I’m working upstairs in my office, and my doorbell rings I am likely to not go to the door at all. This prevents me having to talk to and turn away landscape and alarm salesman, or Jehovah Witnesses. I don’t want to go to the window because they will know I’m home. LOL. But sometimes I do want to make sure that it is not someone important at the door.

The Skybell is a doorbell replacement. It adds video capabilities to your push button doorbell. It also features a motion detector, so it will alert you when someone is on the porch… even if they do not press the button. You are able to view one-way video which allows you to see who is at your door. You can use your smartphone to talk to them and either say “I’m coming” or “no thank you.” Or, like me you may choose to say nothing and pretend that you are not home. 🙂


Notable Features

  • Motion Sensor: SkyBell can detect when someone may be at your door even if the doorbell has not been depressed
  • On-Demand Viewing: Turn on the SkyBell integrated camera at any time to view your entry way
  • Silent Mode: Remotely turn off your indoor chime and receive notifications only on your mobile device – great for when someone is sleeping
  • SkyBell App: SkyBell mobile app alerts you immediate on your Android or Apple iOS smartphone or tablet when the doorbell chimes
  • Remote Control: Program and manage SkyBell through the mobile app
  • One-Way Video: See who is at the door without them being able to see you, before you decide to answer
  • Two-Way Audio: Talk with whomever is at your door using your mobile device
  • Photo Snapshot: Take a photograph of who is at your door using the SkyBell app
  • Night Vision: SkyBell provides the ability to view in low-light conditions up to 5 feet away
  • Multiple Users: Easily set up SkyBell to alert multiple users on their mobile devices
  • Weather Resistant: Designed for outdoor use, even in extreme conditions

Installing the Skybell

If you have an existing push button doorbell, installation is super easy. All it entailed was unscrewing the 2 screws that hold my doorbell button to the door frame.



I used the included mounting bracket and screws and quickly attached that to the door frame. I attached the 2 wires from the Skybell to the wires on my house using the included wire connectors. This part was easy.



However, I did have a problem then connecting the Skybell unit to the base once the wires were in the way. I think this will depend on the thickness of the wires coming out of your house, as they did not leave a lot of room between the unit and the base to smash the wires. The only other tricky part of this process was screwing in the included set screw into the bottom of the unit to hold it in place. The set screw is quite tiny, and actually fell out of my package when I opened it. Luckily I was able to find it.

Once the Skybell is installed, the battery will start charging and it will enter Sync mode. At this point you can download and install the Skybell app on your iOS or Android device. You then use your smartphone to connect the Skybell unit to your WiFi network.


Using the Skybell

Using the Skybell is easy. If someone steps onto your porch and rings your doorbell, your home doorbell chimes as usual plus you get an alert on your smartphone.

2015-04-10 17.14.02


You can then use the “Hold to Speak” button to hold a 2-way conversation with the person on your porch. I was surprised that even though the Skybell is installed on one side of my porch, it has a pretty wide view. Even when I stepped over to the other side where people usually stand, I was still in camera view.

2015-04-10 17.14.09

At 640×480 the video is not great, but it is good enough to tell who is on your porch.

The Skybell is a great addition for anyone concerned with home security and seeing who is at their door.

Skybell can be purchased for $199 from Best Buy, or the Skybell website.



Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Skybell and the One2One Network. All opinions are my own.