4 Ways to ReachYour Audience (1)

As a business owner, getting the word out about your product or service is very important. Marketing is a key component of every business as it entices new customers to try your product or service and reminds existing customers to continue their patronage. Of course there are more traditional forms of marketing, which include print advertisements, as well as television and radio commercials. However, the advent of technology and its expansion has led to many new and innovative ways to reach out to your target market. If you’re currently trying to switch up your marketing strategy, here are four methods you may want to consider using to reach your audience.

Social Media

Social media is now a presence in everyone’s lives, whether they like it or not. It is likely that your target audience is probably active on a variety of social media websites. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are used every day by a variety of people. When used right all of these can be a very valuable marketing tool for your business. You should research pages of business similar to yours, and find out which platforms your target audience frequents, and then you can advertise to them from there. The inclusion of social media buttons on your website or blog will also allow customers to share your product or service on their own pages, giving you access to potential new clients.

Mobile Marketing

Now that texting is including in most mobile plans, mobile marketing via text message has become extremely popular. Sending text messages is quick, easy and painless, both for your target audience and yourself. It also allows for an engagement with your audience that is different to other mediums of marketing. Your customers can sign up for text alerts for sales and useful information. If you’re interested in what this kind of marketing has to offer, specialists such as SMSGlobal can help you decide whether it is the right direction to go to reach your audience.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking engagements are especially useful if your business is a service. Speaking to your target audience directly will allow for a more personable experience and will also allow your audience to see your level of knowledge and expertise in your particular industry or field. Find out where you might be able to get such an opportunity – this might be at conferences or industry related events. You won’t know where to go until you start researching. These kinds of engagements are also great because potential clients are able to speak to you directly after your presentation.

Partner up!

As the saying goes, two heads are better than one, so you might want to also think about partnering up with other businesses who might have complementary offerings and a similar target audience. Joining another business or two will mean that you will have the opportunity to pool your resources together to extend your reach, and you will also have more ideas than if you just went about it alone.

These are just four ways you can reach your audience. Of course, some of these strategies may not be as useful for your business as others, so consider your industry and product when do doing your research. Compiling a successful marketing strategy can sometimes be tedious, so be patient, consult others and make sure you are making the right decision for your business before you proceed.

Do you run a business? Do you consider your marketing strategy to be strong? How have you gone about trying to reach your target audience? Which ways do you think work and which ways do you consider to be less successful? Leave your comments and experiences down below.