Today, online gaming is an industry that generates annual revenues in excess of $37 billion, according to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). What’s more, online gaming revenues in the US alone will top $7.4 billion by 2017, according to Forbes magazine. These statistics show that online gaming is here to stay. With this in mind, here a look at online gaming and the technology behind it:

An Overview of Online Gaming Technology

Currently, browser¬-based gaming is the standard thanks to high Internet penetration rates in most developed countries. This gaming format relies on browser-friendly technologies like HTML5, WebGL, and JavaScript to render games. In addition, Mozilla, the developer of the popular Firefox browser in collaboration with the developer of Unreal Engine (Epic) are working together to bring video game console quality games to web users. In fact, Mozilla has already announced via a blog post that its browser supports games that harness the power of Unreal Engine 4.7.

A Chinese company is planning to deploy the revolutionary Bitcoin technology called blockchain to ensure fairness and true randomness in online gaming. This means online gaming can now boast of qualities like innovation, graphics, and speed once the preserve of native gaming consoles. Moreover, browser-based gaming is platform-independent allowing gamers from anywhere in the world to play regardless of operating system. It is also worth noting that online gamers are increasingly using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Online Gaming Software

The good news for online gaming enthusiasts is there are tons of software solutions they can access. Developers of these software solutions range from large companies to startups or individuals working from home. This is one of the main reasons that playing casino games are becoming increasingly popular mainly because of their state of the art software and technology that they are using to create the ultimate gaming experience for their players worldwide. There are a select few softwares that are used by some of the major online casinos such as  Playtech, which offers gaming software for casino, lottery, sports betting, live casino, poker, bingo, and mobile social gaming, is one of the leading players in this space. Playtech Casinos is available on more than 145 English language casino gaming sites as well as more than 20 non¬-English casino sites.

Wagerworks Casinos is another online gaming software solution created by International Game Technology (IGT). It is available to players on more than 170 casino sites. Gamers who visit US-compliant sites are likely to have come across RTG Casinos. According to the creator of this software, it powers as many as 76 casino sites. Rival Gaming Casinos is also widely used by sites that allow players from the US. It powers 46 English language and two non-English language casino sites. Others include NetEnt Casinos, Wizard Gaming Casinos, Cryptologic Casinos, and Microgaming Casinos.

The Impact of Online Gaming

Besides being a source of revenue for companies involved, online gaming is fast changing the way people interact on social networking sites. It is also changing the way people use their mobile devices from primarily communication to more of entertainment. Finally, online gaming is fast making the iconic game console obsolete because of the technology factor being such a huge element in today’s times and how people are using it to create a mind blowing gaming experience for their players.