In this day and age, everyone wants more money. Some of us need a few extra bucks to make ends meet. Whether or not you work a full time job out of the home, or work from home it can be hard to find new ways to bring in more cash. Bloggers and social media professionals are always looking for more ways to make money from home. Read this list of out-of-the-box ways to make some extra money without giving up all of your spare time to find some great tips.

Write music reviews

Consider yourself as a music critic? Many websites will pay for song reviews. The majority of songs provided for review are from unsigned artists keen to break into the music industry. It works easily: simply sign up and listen to the song provided. Once you have listened, you submit a star rating and a written review. The amount you are paid depends on your star rating as a reviewer, the detail of your reviews, your ability to spot popular artists and where your reviews sit in terms of the artists’ average.

Test and review products online

Bought a new product you can’t stop raving about? Maybe you should try making money out of your own product tests. All you need is a webcam. Your product reviews can contain any detail, from the operating noise of a blender through to the look and feel of new sheet sets. Personal reviews are more engaging than blogs and feel much more trust-worthy than reading information written by the companies who sell the items. Any advertising featured on your review site can lead to extra cash.

Become a trader

Forex trading (trading on the foreign exchange) is relatively simple to learn and can earn you decent profits for a small time commitment. If you currently have no understanding of the forex market, it’s easy to learn about the different markets, basic trading strategies and how to get started from a reputable source. Sign up for a forex trading course with Learn to Trade , who will teach you how to read markets and minimise risk.

Rent out your parking space

If you live in a densely populated area and have a parking space you don’t use regularly, you could use it to make money. Given the amount it costs for all-day parking in the city, as well as the limited availability of spaces, an empty parking space or garage can net you some handy spare cash. There are websites and apps dedicated to linking vacant spaces with customers, so it is easy to get started. Be sure to check your local council allows you to do this: some councils require you to get prior approval, which requires an application and fee.

Create stock photos

Businesses require stock photography for almost everything from websites to marketing materials. Your images could be making you money thanks to stock photos sites. Online agencies can help sell your high-resolution images, from holiday snapshots to illustrations. Each time someone buys an image of yours, you receive a royalty fee. Sure, it won’t be enough to retire on, but good-quality photographs or illustrations can turn into a nice little piggy bank after just a few weeks.

When it comes to easy ways to make money, sometimes you have to think outside the box. These suggestions can help to put some extra change in your pocket or net you a decent return, depending on your commitment.