There are 2 things that I really dislike doing when it comes to housework… washing dishes, and doing laundry. Although both are necessary evils and each task can be made easier with the help of technology. Sometimes I think about how it was before the invent of all of the things that we take for granted in our homes. Some of my readers may know, others are too young… but can you imagine what it was like doing laundry all of the time by hand? And there were no irons. I imagine a lot of wrinkled people walking around. LOL.

These days we are blessed to have washing machines, dryers, portable steamers, irons, and dry cleaning services to help us care for our clothes. Depending on your job, your sense of style, and what you wear you may use one of those much more than the other. The SWASH Clothing Care System from Whirlpool allows you to refresh your clothes in between full washes or trips to the dry cleaner. Face it, as adults we often get dressed up in our favorite dress, or blazer just to attend an event for a couple of hours. We don’t spill things on our clothes (usually), and unless we are out playing in the dirt like kids there is usually not any visible dirt on our clothes. A lot of times clothes just need to be freshened up. This is what the SWASH system does.

The unit is a bit large, but I was able to fit it in the corner of my bedroom out of the way. Since there are no water lines needed, and it works on a standard outlet you can put it wherever you have room. You just need room for the door to open all the way, and room for it to breathe. If you are blessed to have a large walk-in closet this is perfect.

SWASH Clothing Care System Review

The SWASH™ System is the only in-home clothing care system designed to freshen your clothes in only 10-15 minutes. The unit will eliminate wrinkles and freshen your clothes so you can say goodbye to excessive washing, drying, steaming, ironing, and dry-cleaning. This saves you time and money, and it saves wear and tear on your clothes.

SWASH Clothing Care System Review

Product Specs and Features:

  • Intuitive Light System – A series of white, blue and orange lights countdown cycle lengths and completions, and signals when an error has occurred.
  • Adjustable Hanger – The adjustable hanger expands and contracts, making it easy to hang items, no matter the size or clothing type.
  • Smoothing Clips – Experiment using Smoothing Clips with each item of clothing to provide the right amount of tension for maximum wrinkle release.
  • Fits Anywhere, Easily – Its quiet operation means the SWASH system can be placed almost anywhere in your home. Place it in close proximity to your clothes, like in a walk-in closet or bedroom. It comes in two colors, shadow, and linen, to match the décor of almost any space.
  • Quick and Simple Setup – Installation is as easy as plugging the unit into a 120-volt standard wall outlet. No water, plumbing, pipes, vents, professional installation or special hookups are required.

If you purchase your SWASH at Best Buy you get a couple of added bonuses:

  • Extra adjustable hanger, so you can refresh two garments at once
  • Pocket smoother to use on dress shirts

The SWASH works with special SWASH pods filled with special cleaning solution.  Watch the video below to see just how it works.


As for accessories, you can also purchase a 3rd SWASH hanger. This would allow you to refresh 3 items at once. And SWASH pods are available in several scents to make your clothes smell great.

SWASH Clothing Care System Review

So far, I have tried out the SWASH on a sweater,  a couple of my dresses, my daughter’s dress, and some pants. It worked great on all! One observation that I made is that on thicker fabrics the 15 minute cycle works better. The 10 minute cycle works great on thinner, light fabrics such as polyester, chiffon, or nylon. But on thicker fabrics, the 10 minute cycle can leave the fabric a bit damp.

SWASH Clothing Care System Review

The built-in clips allow you to stretch out your clothes in the unit to smooth out wrinkles on shirts, dresses, pants, and more.

SWASH Clothing Care System Review

It is important to note that the SWASH is not meant to replace your washing machine by doing a full load of laundry. However, it is perfect for refreshes your delicate fabrics or items that you would normally take to the dry cleaner. In only 10-15 minutes it can be ready to be worn again.

The SWASH Clothing Care System is available from and other retailers. It is available in black or linen to match your decor. SWASH pods are available in 12 packs for around $8.99.


Disclosure: The SWASH system was provided to me for review as part of my relationship with Best Buy. All opinions are my own.