When I’m home and working I’m either watching TV or listening to music. I need the background noise. It’s weird. If my home is too quiet I cannot work. I’m sure that I’m not the only one. Because of my job I’m blessed to be able to have a few devices around my home to help me achieve this. But, let’s be honest… sometimes the sound on tablets and smartphones is not all that good. This is where having a great Bluetooth speaker comes in. Best Buy offers many Bluetooth speakers to accompany our devices.


Insignia Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Insignia Portable Bluetooth Speaker (NS-CSPBT02-GR) lets you listen to music while on the go or at home. Small enough to fit in your purse or bag without taking up much space, it features a silicone hook for easy transport or hanging. It also features a splash-proof design for defense against water splashes. This makes it perfect to hang above while soaking in the tub.

2015-08-25 18.38.40


Connect it to your tablet, smartphone, or computer via Bluetooth to stream your favorite music or movies. The Portable Bluetooth Speaker features a speakerphone to seamlessly take calls from your smartphone. And the rechargeable lithium battery provides up to 6 hours of playback on a full charge. You can charge it using the included microUSB cable plugged into a wall jack or your computer.

2015-08-25 18.38.58

I connected it to my smartphone and I was quite impressed with the sound from such a small speaker. Of course it won’t run a party, but it’s good enough to listen to in your hotel room, office, or bathroom. Or, use it on the beach while relaxing.

The Insignia Portable Bluetooth Speaker is available from Best Buy for $19.99. It is available in 4 awesome colors.


Insignia Plug-In Bluetooth Speaker

If you are always misplacing your USB charging cables, then the Insignia Plug-in Bluetooth Speaker is for you. This speaker has a built-in power adapter so you don’t have to fish for a cable when it’s time to charge. It also has a USB charging port so that while it’s plugged in your can charge your smartphone or tablet.


The Insignia Plug-in Bluetooth Speaker also has an auxiliary audio input jack, so even if your device does not have WiFi you can connect it and listen. This is also useful for quickly connecting friend’s devices without having to pair over Bluetooth.

Plug In (1)

One thing to keep in mind is the the battery on this unit allows for only about 2 hours of playback, so you don’t want to pack it for a long day out. And you will have to find a wall jack to charge it.

Here’s the Insignia Plug-in Bluetooth Speaker in action:



The volume on this speaker is good. It is better than some other small Bluetooth speakers that I have tried. And since it has a built-in plug it’s perfect for travel. You can use it in your hotel room and not have to worry about packing an extra plug.

The Insignia Plug-in Bluetooth Speaker is available from Best Buy for $29.99.


Disclosure: I was provided these Insignia speakers in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.