I’m sure you have figured out by now that I am a tech girl at heart. Throughout my IT career I got used to being one of the few women working in a department filled with guys. Not too long ago I spoke to a computer science class at a Chicago area high school about what it’s like to work in IT. I saw a team. A lot of the kids did not think that working with computers was cool at all. Some of them rolled their eyes when the girls asked questions. I am trying my best to mold my girls to be different. As mentioned before they have been enrolled in STEM classes for a few years. I’m making sure that they fully foster their tech genes.


Project Mc² is a new Netflix original series about MeKeyla, a tween girl who along with 3 other girls end up becoming secret agents who use their smarts to solve cases. The show is largely based on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). It breaks the stereotype that women cannot succeed at technology. The girls on this show are cool, funny, stylish, and smart as heck. Project Mc² gives my girls 4 positive role models to watch. This show is different than some of the others currently on TV. There is a fair amount of learning mixed in with the girly stuff. This show gives young girls four empowered female leads to look up to.

Netflix sent my girls some awesome goodies to celebrate the launch of the show. The kit included a Project Mc² doll, lab goggles, and some awesome kits to try a few experiments including a glitter tornado.


Check out the below trailer to learn more about the show:

There are only 3 episodes available. We sure wish that there were more.

If you have girls make sure that they watch Project Mc². They will see that girls can be smart and into tech too!


Disclosure: This post is part of my involvement in the Netflix #StreamTeam program. All opinions are my own.