No, I am not a man. However, I am a big fan of Man Caves. Why? Because they are usually full of the coolest tech! In fact, I am pretty addicted to watching the show Man Caves on DIY Network. I don’t watch because the show is hosted by 2 deep voiced guys (LOL!). I watch because I want to see ideas to implement in my own home entertainment space. And of course since I am a newlywed my hubby talks about creating his own man cave very soon. And I plan to help! After all, I’m LittleTechGirl so if technology is involved I want to be a part of it. Picking out televisions, sound systems, gaming systems and the like are right up my alley.

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What is a Man Cave?

The man cave is the room where men go to hide from the wife and kids, hang with their friends, watch lots of sports, and drink beer.  In a fantasy world the guy hopes to keep his wife and kids out of there. He may allow the dog to visit. 🙂 In reality a great man cave can be a family entertainment hub if needed… with a heavy man’s touch. Great tech is almost always at the heart of the any man cave… with the television being the focal-point and item that is usually picked out first. In fact, some may pick out all of their technology first and then design the room around it.

To show how it’s done Best Buy transformed a boring basement with some great tech found in store. Here’s how the transformation played out and a rundown of my favorite man cave technology ideas to take things to the next level.

My Fav Tech Ideas for the Ultimate Man Cave

Build a PC Gaming Station: Start with a decked out desktop computer and add some bells and whistles. I am a not a gamer anymore. And as already stated I am not a man. LOL! But this is what the desk in my office looks like! I have 3 monitors hooked up to my desktop machine so that I can browse the web, watch a show, and work on Photoshop or other apps all at the same time. But of course this is an excellent setup for playing games!



Install an Awesome 4K Television: If nothing else, the television is guaranteed to be the one thing that gets all of the oohs and ahhs in the man cave. Make it a good one! Don’t build an awesometastic man cave and then get an inferior TV! Go for the best 🙂

This Samsung 55″ Class LED Curved 2160 Smart 4K TV will look awesome in any man cave. Curved TVs allows you to sit closer to the action. There is no worry of having to position your couch a specific feet away from the TV. This allows you to put a larger television into a smaller space.


And don’t just sit it the the room. Have it correctly mounted to the wall to create an awesome viewing area.

Man Cave GIF 4 Large


Create Tasks to Control Lighting: You can utilize one of my favorite tools, IFTTT (If This Then That) to setup scripts that do all kinds of automated tasks. So far I use it for a lot of social media automation. However it can also be used in conjunction with smartphone apps and smart home products like the Philips hue lighting set. Setup an IFTTT rule to flash the lights when your favorite team scores. And depending on just how smart your man cave is, you can setup rules to dim the lights, close the blinds, and turn on your entertainment system when you activate movie mode.

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These are just a few ideas to get your man cave started. Whether you are a gamer, pool player, tech guy, or movie buff there are so many great ways to design a man cave and make it your own. Don’t forget about something to keep food and beverages cold, your sound system, games, and more.

Check out more great man cave ideas from Best Buy and get started today.


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Best Buy. All opinions are my own.