In my 9-5 office days I depended on enterprise apps to get my work done from day to day. Some of them I used, some I was responsible for supporting. There are various types of software to help you help your business running.


Enterprise resource planning, also known as ERP, is a software program designed to help small and large businesses use integrated and interconnected apps to automate and manage various parts of their daily organization. This area of technology, like other areas the industry, changes at a constant rate. Nothing stays the same, especially in the tech world. If your company relies on ERP software to run your business, it’s important that you stay on top of new trends and all the cutting-edge practices that are taking place.


One-size-fits-all software just can’t fit the bill for most organizations, especially in today’s multi-faceted businesses. For this reason, it’s important that you have ERP software with flexibility, broad applications, and up-to-date functions.

When your ERP software is customized, you can more easily integrate its system into your organization to accommodate your needs. When we decided to implement ERP software in our organization we had many companies provide information and give presentations detailing the benefits of their software. Only those that provided the customization that we were looking for made it on to our final list.

Benefits of the Cloud

Cloud-based ERP software gives you the ability to access stored information in a seamless manner. When your data is stored in the cloud rather than locally, you can share info with suppliers, networks, and supply chains. And this allows your employees to work remotely without missing a beat. Computing via the cloud can eliminate many challenges that occur with processing capabilities. The cloud allows the ability to process information in a rapid, seamless manner and can reduce the number of hardware upgrades that need to be performed in house.

Mobile Software Applications

When you have mobile ERP software, you aren’t tied to the office. Mobile apps give you the ability to travel on business, go on vacation, or work from home any time you want to, because you can access your information from smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This is very important in the IT field since technicians often work from the road, or travel from one job to another without going back to the office.

Social ERP Software

There are a few great companies that amaze me with their ability to quickly respond to support requests on social media. With the right software you can access the power of social media and keep track of items related to your company. Social networks combined with enterprise resource planning allow you to reach your social media outlets easily, and connect with multiple people at all times.


The way in which you Integrate ERP sofware in your organization is important. Consider the type of integration. You may go for two-tier ERP software,which allows you more flexibility.

It’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and your business. If you’re not moving ahead in the field of ERP, you’ll fall behind the times, which could have disastrous results. By following trends, you can maintain a grip on your computerized apps and be ready to shift into uncharted territory as opportunities arise. Visit companies like to learn more about ERP software solutions.