Home security is very important to me. Over the course of the 9.5 years that I have lived in my home we have had a couple of instances of packages being removed from my porch. Thankfully we have been lucky and have not experienced any break-ins. Although, that did happen in our old home.


I have a security system which has a fair amount of connected home features built-in. The system came with 2 cameras, however I needed a easy, expensive way to add more. I have tried a few cameras in the past, but they all have their drawbacks. I was excited to try out the Netgear Arlo Security Camera System.

Arlo Smart Home Indoor/Outdoor Wireless High-Definition Security Cameras

With the Arlo Smart Home Wireless Security Camera kit you get a base station, 4 HD cameras, 6 magnetic camera mounts, 1 arm mount, mounting screws, batteries, and window decals. The kit is a bit expensive at $499. However, when you think about the cost of adding 4 separate cameras to your home the price is just about right.

Key Specifications

  • HD Quality: See it all in beautiful, crystal clear 720p video that captures every detail in a 110-degree field of view.
  • Weatherproof: Place Arlo cameras outdoors without a second thought. Wet or dry, hot or cold, Arlo is designed to withstand severe weather conditions (14°F to 122°F). That is a large range, but I don’t think I will risk leaving my camera outside during the harsh Chicago winters. It can get much colder.
  • 100% Wire-Free: Place your Arlo cameras absolutely anywhere. No cords means no limits on how or where you use them.
  • Night Vision: Monitor in the dark without the need for additional lighting. With 850nm LEDs capabilities and infrared cut-off filters, Arlo keeps a watchful eye on everything even in total darkness. Provide night vision up to 25′, so you can record videos in dimly lit environments.

Beef Up Your Home Security with an Arlo Smart Home Camera System by Netgear – Review @LittleTechGirl

Setting Up the Arlo System

Setting up the Arlo system was very easy. I connected the base station which resembles an Internet router directly to my Netgear DST AC1900 router in my basement. It immediately connected itself without a problem. The next step was to sync each camera to the base station.

Just a quick note about the Netgear Nighthawk DST AC1900 Router with DST adapter… this thing is a beast!! I replaced my previous router without a problem, and I immediately saw an improvement in my speed. Even my smartphone more than quadrupled in speed when connected to WiFi. Previously my phone would max out at 25mb or so. Now I get 125mb with no problem! And the Netgear DST Adapter stretches that signal across my home, so even where there were dead spots before, there are noiw none! This kit is exclusive to Best Buy and available for $299.99. Full review of this router coming soon.

Beef Up Your Home Security with an Arlo Smart Home Camera System by Netgear – Review @LittleTechGirl

Syncing the cameras to the base station was done by simply hitting the sync button on both units. Once I had them synced I moved them to various places around my home.

Mount Anywhere for Home Security

Since the cameras are wireless and battery operated they can go just about anywhere without worry of being near an outlet.  For now I have one in the living room which gives me a wide view of the living room, part of the dining room, and the front door.

Beef Up Your Home Security with an Arlo Smart Home Camera System by Netgear – Review @LittleTechGirl

I also put one in the family room which gives me a view of that room, the hallway as it connects to the family room, and the kitchen. On the below you can see how well the camera works in low light.

Beef Up Your Home Security with an Arlo Smart Home Camera System by Netgear – Review @LittleTechGirl

I mounted the camera right next to my existing home security motion detector.

Beef Up Your Home Security with an Arlo Smart Home Camera System by Netgear – Review @LittleTechGirl

I mounted another camera in the front hallway. It points at the front door, garage door, and basement door.

Beef Up Your Home Security with an Arlo Smart Home Camera System by Netgear – Review @LittleTechGirl

The 720p HD camera provides a great view of the whole area. The active motion detector will provide alerts or record video when it detects motion. You can change this behavior with rules in your Arlo account.

Beef Up Your Home Security with an Arlo Smart Home Camera System by Netgear – Review @LittleTechGirl

Perfect for Keeping an Eye on the Kids

Instead of investing in a separate baby monitor, an Arlo camera can be used to keep an eye on your children. Extra magnetic mounts included in the kit mean that you can easily move a camera from one spot in the home to another where you might need it. Or, you can detach one from the magnetic mount and simply sit it on a dresser or anywhere else as need be.

Ready For Outdoor Use

The remaining 2 cameras I plan to mount outside. One camera will point at my backyard and deck, the other will give me full view of my front porch. This way I can see if there are packages on my porch even when I’m not home. As mentioned about the cameras are weatherproof, so if you live in a climate that does not get too cold in winter you should not have any problems.


Monitor Your Home While on the Go

I installed the Netgear Arlo app on my smartphone which I can use to view each camera around my home. I love that I can easily scroll from camera to camera on the same screen. It also allows me to record a clip, or take snapshots. I actually used my phone to take the snapshots posted above.


View All Cameras at Once

Of course if you prefer to use your computer to view you have the added benefit of viewing all cameras at one time. This is great for getting a picture of what is going on in all rooms at once.

arlo_web view

Since each camera has the ability to be triggered by the built-in motion sensor it makes them great for security. I love this feature because if I am waiting for a package I can tell when UPS and Fedex are approaching my porch before they even ring the bell! Alerts can be configured to arrive via text message, email, or Push message on your smartphone.

If you are looking for a flexible, reliable video security option for your home, check out the Netgear Arlo Indoor/Outdoor camera system.


Disclosure: I was provided the Arlo camera system and Nighthawk DST router kit by Best Buy and Netgear in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.

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