For some the holiday shopping season is already here. For others Thanksgiving may mark the beginning of the shopping season. In either case this time brings to mind the subject of holiday safety. Right now I’m specifically thinking about holiday safety as it relates to my children. Theft is more prominent during the holidays. Being responsible and thinking about safety is even more important than other times of the year.


Many people, especially tweens and teens, may get new gadgets for Christmas. This means that people are carrying around more gadgets. And homes become more vulnerable as thieves anticipate new presents being under trees. It is important to reinforce the importance of safety with your children during the holidays.

It is important to think about:

  • Personal Safety: Be aware of keeping your purse, wallet, laptop bag, and other personal items safe.  If your children do get new gadgets for Christmas make sure that they know not to show them off when out and about. Also teach them to be wary of letting their gadgets out of their sight by loaning them to friends and They can also utilize the Master Lock SafeSpace, when traveling, spending the night at friend’s home, or even in their lockers to keep gadgets safe. Read my previous post for more information for the SafeSpace.
  • Household Safety: Use your home alarm system, keep all doors and windows locked, and don’t leave personal items outside the home where they can easily be stolen. My important documents like my marriage license, birth certificates, and social security cards are securely stored in my Sentry Safe Digital Alarm Fire Safe. And there is plenty of room to stash small gadgets, jewelry, and other items.
  • Vehicle Safety: Lock your car and close all windows when out shopping. Keep all items of value out of site. Try to keep shopping bags out of site.
  • Safety at Work: Lock your purse in your desk drawer. Don’t leave your smartphone, wallet, or other items out on your desk while you are away. This is especially important if your office is open to the public.
  • Safety at School: Make sure that your kids have a reliable lock like the Master Lock 1590D which allows the use of letters and numbers to personalize an easy to remember combination. This lock is very easy to use so it’s great for kids.


Check out the video below for more of my thoughts on safety during the holidays.



Disclosure: This post is part of my involvement in the Master Lock Live Secure Squad program. All opinions are my own.

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