Home security is very important to me, so when I was asked to test and write about the Leeo Smart Alert, I jumped at the chance. As a mother I worry about my home being safe for my children. All parents should take home safety very seriously. My home was built in 2006, and at that time we had all the possible security options built into it. There are several interconnected smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on each level. However, this may not help if I’m not home. And what if you have an older house that does not have newer interconnected smoke detectors? How will you know if there is a problem at home? Arriving home and finding out there has been a fire can be devastating.


Did you know that in 2013 there were over 369,500 home fires in the United States? That is a staggering number. Those people may have lost everything. A home fire does not discriminate. It will destroy your home and everything in it. This includes pets. Approximately 40,000 pets are killed by house fires each year. And more fires happen in winter than any other time of year. This is mainly due to more families using furnaces, space heaters, and fireplaces … all of which I use in my home.

This is where the Leeo Smart Alert can help.

What is the Leeo Smart Alert?

The Leeo Smart Alert is a small home device that simply plugs into your wall outlet to monitor your home for fires and carbon monoxide detector alarms. It can turn conventional smoke detectors into smart home devices by listening for alarms while you are not home, without you having to change your equipment.


How does the Leeo Smart Alert Work?

The Leeo Smart Alert is very easy to set up. All you have to do is plug it into a wall outlet in your home. It will detect alarms up to 75 feet away. The Leeo Smart Alert works by interfacing with your Android or iOS smartphone via the free Leeo app. Once installed the Leeo “listens” for alarms in your home and alerts you via a push notification or phone call when you are on the go. The Leeo will also call those on your emergency contact list if you are unavailable to reply to the phone call and push notification.



The Leeo Smart Alert is designed to work with all models of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms sold after 1996. If you have a unit older that, it is time to change it anyway. And while you are setting up your Leeo, take this opportunity to ensure that all detectors in your home have fresh batteries.


When things are calm, the Leeo Smart Alert acts as a nightlight in your home. You can customize the color using the smartphone app. There are 16 million colors to choose from. If an alert is detected the Leeo will flash red. Since it’s a great nightlight consider placing it in a central hall near your bedrooms. Not only will it provide safety, but it will light a nice path to the bathroom for little ones.

In the 2015 Innovation by Design Awards, Fast Company magazine ranked the Leeo as one of 5 best smart home devices.

Watch the below video to see how easy it is to install.


Another great feature of the Smart Alert is that it monitors the temperature and humidity of your house, and will notify you if they go above or below the levels that you set. This can be helpful if you’re away from home or traveling and want to check in to make sure everything is fine at home.

The Leeo Smart Alert can be purchased for $99 but you can get it now through January 31, 2016, for only $75! Use the code: safehome25 at checkout to receive free shipping and 25% off your order.

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