I travel a lot. And when on an airplane I have to listen to music otherwise I cannot rest, and I cannot work! There is usually so much noise around that I just feel uneasy. I’ll be heading off to Vegas for CES next month and I’m looking forward to taking my new Monster ClarityHD earbuds with me.
Just any old earbuds will not cut it. The generic ones that are bundled with your smartphone usually do not have the best sound. And the $10 ones from the local store are not much better. In order to get great sound from your smartphone, iPod, or computer you need quality earbuds. I have tried a few in the past and quickly learned that I am very picky! As I said, not all earbuds are created equal. However, these Monster ClarityHD earbuds may just have a permanent place in my travel bag.

With the Monster ClarityHD earbuds you can say goodbye to those cheap, generic earbuds. Invest just a few dollars more and you can have much better sound and comfort. The first thing that I noticed about these earbuds is the unique design of the earbuds themselves. I sometimes have a problem with earbuds staying in, but the different and unique on these makes them stay in just fine.

How Are the Monster Clarity HD Earbuds Different?

Better Build

Since they are designed by Monster, the ClarityHD™ earbuds let users experience top of the line craftsmanship familiar in Monster headphones. Monster took the extra step of providing reinforcement at critical stress points. This means that you shouldn’t have to worry about shorts and tearing associated with lesser quality, generic earbuds. Let’s face it, when in a hurry we don’t always take care to treat our earbuds well (but you should!) so having some that can live up to the stresses of going in and out of our bag is a must.

Better Comfort

The Monster ClarityHD™ features a unique oblique cone shape which is designed to give a better fit. They come with several different soft tips so that you can find your perfect fitl no matter what your ear shape or size. They stay snug and comfortable and don’t slip like some other earbuds.

Better Sound
Since the ClarityHD™ are by Monster you can expect superior sound. At only $49.99 they are designed to offer premium sound at an incredible value. I was quite impressed with the noise isolation. These are perfect for travel!

Better Phone Controls

Universal ControlTalk® Controls allows users to take a call, shuffle music, skip a track or adjust volume, all from their earphones. And the in-line high microphone is designed to provide crystal clear calls.


Overall, I love the Monster ClarityHD earbuds. I was sent a pair of white. However, they are also available in black, neon green, and neon pink. If I were purchasing them myself I would definitely go for the neon pink. Pick up on pair on Amazon.com starting at only $39.99.

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Disclosure: The Monster ClarityHD earbuds were provided to me in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.