Besides being an entrepreneur who works from home, I love to travel! I travel quite a bit for business and pleasure. And when I do I am well equipped! Because of my job I have tried, testing, liked, and disliked many things while traveling. Below are things that are worthy to be on my list that I have become familiar with over the past year.


Great Gift Ideas for the Tech Savvy Traveler


Lenovo Yoga 900

I just got this machine a few weeks ago and WOW!!!!!!!!! I also have a Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro which is still worthy of being on the list. However, this Yoga 900 is PURE POWER!! It’s a super thin Ultrabook packed with an i7 processor. And the one that I received came with 16gb of RAM. And it has built-in JBL sound! Yes, I drooled when I read the specs. ūüôā This machine has kept up with everything that I have thrown at it. And it comes standard with Windows 10 so there are no upgrade issues to worry about. I have a full review coming soon, but trust me when I say if you travel a lot and are looking for a light, powerful machine, this is the one! Priced at around $1199 it is by no means a cheap machine, but it is worth if if you are like me and need power when you travel.

2017 Update: Lenovo is constantly releasing great new machines! The updated version of this one is now the Lenovo Yoga 920!


Justin Portable Chargers

I have 2 portable chargers from this company. One of them offers a massive 10,000 mAh of power. This is great in a world where most are offering only 2,500 mAh. This means that you can charge your phone more than once without issue. It also includes 2 charging ports, so that you can charge more than one device at a time. has several Justin chargers available. There is even a 3-pack of smaller chargers available. These make perfect stocking stuffers! Browse the offerings and pick up a couple.


Epson Workforce DS-40 Portable Scanner

Depending on exactly what you do for a living, you may have to scan documents. Contracts, letters, copies of your license, and other forms can all be things that you need to turn in when invoicing clients, applying for opps, or for other business related reasons. Rather than having to find and wait in line at the hotel business center, you can use your own scanner to scan your documents and send them off. ¬†It is powered by standard AA batteries, so you do not have to carry any heavy adapters. The scanner is also WiFi powered, so after the initial setup you don’t even need a USB cable unless you really want to. There is an option to connect a 5V DC power supply if necessary. Priced at $119.98 on this is a great addition to a portable office. Order now and get Prime shipping for it to arrive by Christmas!


SpareOne Emergency Phone

If your #1 means of travel is by car, you want to be safe. Road trips can take us off the beaten path, through bad weather, and on long trips. While you may have your own smartphone with you at all times, it is always good to have a backup. The SpareOne emergency phone is a Go Phone by AT&T that never needs charging. It runs on standard AA batteries. Pack the phone and spare batteries in your emergency kit for travel, or at home in your storm kit and you know that you will always be able to make a call when needed, even if your smartphone has a dead battery. It features a glow in the dark keypad, flashlight, and SOS signal. And since it runs on the AT&T nationwide network getting a signal should not be a problem. Order from for only $19.98 and make sure that your loved ones are safe while traveling.


Life n Soul Bluetooth BM215 Waterproof Speaker

I LOVE the beach. When on vacation I am perfectly content just hanging out on the beach, relaxing, and watching the waves. And I occasionally like to listen to music in my hotel room while working, showering, or taking a bath. The Life N Soul BM215 speaker allows me to do both of those without fear of ruining my Bluetooth speaker because of water. The BM215 features a suction cup so that you can attach it to any smooth surface. It also has a hook for hanging. And includes Siri voice-activated controls so that you can give commands and control the music from afar. It is available on Order on Prime shipping and get it before Christmas!


Jord Wooden Watch

Not exactly a tech item, but Jord watches are beautiful! They are definitely conversation starters. Made of wood, wearing one of these will get you attention, and while chatting about your beautiful watch you will know what time it is. There are so many beautiful watches to choose from in a wide price range. Check out the JORD website to pick one out!


Netgear Arlo Camera System

I wrote about this camera system recently, and it is on this list for a good reason. When traveling being able to keep an eye on your home is key. I love the Arlo system because the wireless cameras allow versatility when setting them up. You can move them around when you travel to provide a different view than you might want when you are home. And since the kit ships with 4 cameras, you can have all angles covered. Accessing the Arlo app from your smartphone allows you to quickly view more than one camera at a time. At $499.99 for the kit is not cheap, but your home security is worth it. Order now on and get guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve.

Of course travelers always need great bags, comfy shoes, and more… but those things are easy. Tech is harder, and more fun! Hopefully the few things above will help you or someone you know.

Happy traveling!


Disclosure: The items above were provided to me for review. Affiliate links included. All opinions are my own.