The Internet is more than just a method to look up information or chat with friends and family on sites like Facebook. From a business perspective, it’s a tool that can enhance efficiency as well as advertise your business and improve annual net income. The tools and technology that are available today can greatly reduce costs in various parts of the company. What technologies should you look closer at in 2016 to improve your business?

5 Web-based Technologies That Will Enhance Business for 2016

Cloud Storage

I am always touted my belief in the Cloud. It used to be that companies had to host their own servers for the purposes of backups and networked storage. The days of paying for an extensive server system for the purpose of storing digital files are over. The Cloud offers an online method to hold virtually any file. Through browsers or apps, you usually have immediate access to the content from anywhere you have an Internet connection. The Cloud can also be used as a way to recover quickly after a disaster by restoring files and operating systems. There are several services to choose from that cater to businesses as well as individuals. Be sure that you choose a service and storage plan that supports the number staff and files in your company. Many services will come out to your company to provide a presentation on what they can offer.

Digital Time Systems

Many companies still rely on paper-based time sheets and archaic punch clocks. Unfortunately, these systems can easily be circumvented. In many cases, co-workers will punch each other’s time sheet if someone is running late. Not only are web-based time clocks more secure, but additional technology such as fingerprint scanning records exact moments when staff are on-site. Staff members can also sign in using their work IDs.

Business Apps

Many business apps utilize the same data whether it’s accessed from a smartphone or a desktop computer system. These apps improve efficiency while reducing the time spent to find specific information. In most cases, these apps can be custom built specifically for the business. Most server-based software you rely on today may have an online version that is constantly updated and tailored for current technology.

IP Phone Systems

Instead of sitting at the desk and waiting for the phone to ring, IP phone systems can be set up to send calls directly to an employee’s smartphone. These can be used for both inter-office communications and accepting external calls. Phones can also interface with computer systems for purposes of recording customer calls, logging information, or technical support.

The Website

This is a big one for me…. the wrong website can send a potential customer running from your business. The online reputation of the business is just about as important as it is in real life. More people are researching brands on the Internet before making purchases. The business website may be as vital to your success as the cleanliness of your brick-and-mortar location if you have one.

The tools mentioned developed by various companies, such as Allied Time, are used to enhance business practices. In many situations, web-based technologies such as these have the potential to save thousands of dollars annually. Take a good look at the equipment and procedures around your businessĀ and question whether your business is ready to make money in 2016.