Some people still love the feel of a real book in their hands. However, with the way our hectic lives are these days, some of us take advantage of technology. It may take some getting used to, but just imagine the number of books you can carry around on your smartphone or tablet. You will save your back a lot of stress by downloading a reader app and loading it up with your favorite books.


When you want to read a book on the go, the best way to do it is with a reader app. This has actually revolutionized reading as we know it, since we can now read anything we want, regardless of where we happen to be. Some people are still getting used to the idea, and want to know more about what to expect from a reader app.

What to Expect From an Android Reader App

Now that smartphones are the go-to device for many people, it only makes sense these same people would want to enjoy books on them too. You can think of it like this: You always have your camera with you today and this is the same thing with your book. So, you never feel as though you can’t read because the app is there for you to enjoy your favorite book, as long as you don’t forget to bring your phone with you wherever you go.

In fact, there are many options available for anyone who’s interested. Of course, the fact that so many options do exist makes it difficult to choose which would work best for you. Nonetheless, when you keep your specific needs in mind, you’ll find that there’s something out there that will definitely meet your needs.

For those with an Android phone, this means finding an app that allows you to read Google Play Books. You can easily buy these and import them to your phone. There are plenty of them to choose from too – from comic books, to those long novel series you want to binge read, to everything in between. Regardless of what you enjoy reading or choose to read, you’ll find these Android apps can handle it for you.

The Top 4 Reader Apps for Android

Now that you understand how easy it is to read a book without always worrying about where your paperback novel or magazine is, you’ll want to find a reader app for your Android. With so many of them available to choose from today, how will you know which one is the best for you? Well, fortunately, here’s a list of the top four reader apps for Android. Search for these apps in the Google Play Store to get started.

  • The Aldiko Book Reader is a great choice, whether you have something you’re already reading, or you need to find a book, as it’s relatively easy to do so. However, this reader is only moderately customizable. Once you import a book it’s placed in the library on a virtual shelf you can browse by title, author, tag, or collection. These are only available in a single font unless you download more. The font sizes and colors are adjustable, but you must use those that come with the app, as you can’t create your own colors. There also isn’t a status bar, which many people miss.
  • The Cool Reader is exactly as its name suggests, “cool.” For a free app, it’s actually quite advanced, with a text-to-speech feature that no other Android reading app offers. Some of the other features this app includes are six fonts, the ability to add your own background image, change the font size, and directly access a wide array of format settings for every part of your book. Ultimately, this is the best app for those who want to control every little aspect of their reading experience. All of this is easily done from the bottom corner of the app itself.
  • The FB Reader allows you to customize your screen display, but otherwise it’s a bit light on other options. While it does have some of the same options that are commonly found on other Android ebook apps, there are only four fonts and three backgrounds. The one thing that’s nice about this reader is it makes it easy to find your bookmarks. Nevertheless, you’ll still find some bugs, such as the inability to import a book from external memory without issues and limited gesture support.
  • The Nook app is by far the most popular reader app for reading ebooks on your Android phone. This is because it’s so much more than an ereader that’s attached to a store. It also allows you to enjoy many other types of content including TV shows, newspapers, magazines, puzzles, and toys that Barnes and Noble’s stores sell. It’s easy for you to download all this content too, as well as .cbz files, which is the format most comic books are found in. Of course, the Nook has all the basics too, which is why people say this app gives them a pleasant, friendly user experience.

Really, the choice of which app you use is up to you. With so many of them, it’s no wonder everyone seems to have their own preference. Hopefully, this information will help you choose the one that will work best for you.

How do you read your books? Do you still prefer paper? Or have you embraced using your devices?