Just a few days ago my husband asked me if I have a wall calendar hanging in my office. I pointed to it and realized that I had not flipped the page since July 2015. Yikes! At one point in time we lived by our wall calendars. People would scribble things into the little boxes and this was our schedule.

But now? We all have our schedules online or on our phone. But if you miss the beauty of having a wall calendar full of photos, butterflies, animals, or other pretty things Beautiful Calendar is here to help. Beautiful Calendar is an online calendar that allows you to sync your Google or Facebook Calendar in style. Beautiful Calendar is available as an extension in Google Chrome, or other browsers.

beautiful calendar littletechgirl


Once you install the Google Chrome extension, the Beautiful Calendar homepage becomes your homepage and search function. Users can choose from a few different themes, including sports, animals, flowers, and more. You can change your theme as much as you like.

beautiful cal4

And if you are already using Google Calendar just click on the synchronize button at the top to enable syncing your online calendar. You can then view your calendar on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

I love the idea. And I love the themes. However, I do wish that it were a bit bigger so that I can clearly see the appointments listed out. There is a lot of theme viewed on the sides which is pretty, but the calendar in the middle is a bit small. But, all I have to do is click on a date and all of my appointments are displayed.

beautiful cal3

It’s as simple calendar. There are no extra things to worry about. You just see your schedule and that’s it. Beautiful calendar is like a wall calendar on your computer. Check out the Beautiful Calendar website for more information or to install it now.



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