If you run a business and find that it is not growing, it’s time to troubleshoot. In many cases, there are specific business errors that business owners, both small and big, make which can keep them from pushing their companies forward. I am one of them! Procrastination is the devil! I have been very, very guilty of it lately. I already reported that last year did not quite go as expected. This year got off to a busy start. With CES now behind me and another quick family trip right around the corner, I am looking forward to some down time starting next week to get some real work done. I am determined to make this year a successful one. I have a couple of outstanding projects to finish up before I will truly be able to relax. After that, I am going to start saying “No!” to a few things and take some time to revamp my business strategy, make a plan, and move forward.

business not growing

Here are three business mistakes that you could be committing right now:

1. You’re Not Present Online: Oftentimes, business owners who find that their companies are not growing can blame a lack of online presence and advertising. If you want to continually generate new business and retain your existing clientele, members of your target market need to be constantly reminded about how great your products or services are. Advertising is the process through which you accomplish this objective, and online advertising has become an increasingly important mode of connecting with and then converting your audience. It’s on my list this year to increase my online presence for all aspects of my business.

2. You’re Not Developing Additional Streams Of Income: This is something that I need to work on more. All of the top bloggers and others in the social media realm say that this is key. When you develop an additional stream of income, you create more wealth that can be devoted to business-building endeavors such as advertising and increasing your sphere of influence. Take time to consider other business projects you could develop to start earning additional wealth. One idea to consider is multi-level marketing. Companies like ACN Inc. provide individuals with the opportunity to generate wealth by selling valuable services while also recruiting new business partners to do the same. I have always been wearing of such programs, but I have a lot of friends that participate in such and they do very well.

3. You’re Not Self-Optimizing: Although many business owners do not like to admit it, they are oftentimes the reason that their companies become stagnant. For this reason, it’s important to take a good look at yourself and determine whether you are exhibiting any actions or attitudes that could actually limit your business. For example, many business owners neglect their health in the attempt to devote more time and energy to company growth. Yet this approach can often backfire as the business owner’s health fails, requiring her or him to take sick days. Yet by implementing self-optimizing principles such as the development of a weekly exercise routine, you could correct this problem by attaining the good health and energy necessary to complete your work-related assignments with expedience and excellence. With all of this in mind, be sure to make self optimization an integral component of the way you approach your business life. Staying in good health, resting well, keeping your stress level down, and keeping your sanity is extremely important in business. Without those things you won’t be focused (trust me, I know!).

4. Stop Procrastinating and Get it Done: There’s nothing as frustrating as wanting your business to grow yet finding that it is not moving forward. Yet by simply analyzing your business practices, you can determine whether you’re committing any mistakes that are facilitating the unwanted stagnation. By reviewing the information and advice you see listed above regarding business errors, you can likely get your company on the path to perpetual growth! Once you have a plan, get it done! Don’t be nervous about moving forward. Take some time to improve yourself and your business. Things will only get better from there.

What are some of your tips for consistent business growth?