When shopping with 4 kids, a trip to to store can become quite the adventure. You know how it is… “Mommy, can I have chips? Can I have ice cream?” I am forever saying, “stop asking for stuff!”  I usually have standard items that I pick up on each shopping trip… milk, eggs, bread, etc. The prices on these things are pretty standard, and if I catch them during a sale that is a bonus. There are some other items that I want to make sure I’m getting at the best price before I buy. I mean why not? There are enough stores around that I can save a few bucks while running errands instead of spending more than I should in one store. Any tool that makes my shopping trip faster and helps me save money is ok with me.


How Flipp Works

Instead of collecting weekly circulars from your mailbox each week, you get them instantly and free in your Flipp app. Flipp delivers digital circulars from over 800 local retailers so you can find the best deals in your chosen area every week.


From the homescreen you can browse for your favorite store’s weekly circular, You can view featured ads, or view an alphabetical list. Or, click on Latest to see new ads first.



See something you like? Click the item to “clip it”. Click and hold to view details, Clippings are saved on a separate screen so that you can easily refer to them. You can also add the item to your shopping list.


Get Store Location

When viewing a store circular click on the information icon in the upper right-hand corner to quickly view a list of stores near you. Click the address to get directions using your GPS app.


Print Coupons

The app even allows you to send coupons via email for printing. When accessing a circular you are notified right away if the store has coupons available. I viewed the Family Dollar circular and saw a notification at the bottom that there were 4 coupons available. Clicking on the notification highlights the coupons in the circular. You can then click on them to save it to your Print Coupons screen. Hopefully in the future they can add the ability to access digital coupons. This would be helpful when using the app while on the go.



Looking for something specific? Search for the items you need to get the most savings. On the way home the other day one of my kids suggested that we have tacos for dinner. I knew that we had all of the ingredients… except for the main one, ground beef!


Now this is one item that you can easily spend too much on when not necessary. Then I remembered my Flipp app! I opened the app and searched for ground beef. Within seconds I knew which store near me had the best price.



I’ve only been using it for a short time, but I can tell say with certainty that it definitely saves time! I’m a bargain shopper. I go where the sales are. And now I can quickly and easily browse for sales from wherever I am with one easy to use app. No more Googling, browsing multiple sites, or flipping through newspapers.

Download the Flipp app from the Google Play store or Apple App Store today. Check out the Flipp website for more information.


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Flipp. All opinions are my own.