When it comes to laptops, I have gotten over my need for huge, bulky machines with big screens. This used to be what I had to get in order to have a machine powerful enough to meet my needs. I am constantly editing photos, writing, and creating graphics for websites and blog posts, and sometimes editing video. I’m a power user for sure. My Internet browser usual has at least a dozen tabs open. I am a true multitasker and any laptop that I use must meet those needs. And since I’ve always been prone to laptops with a higher resolution so that when I’m editing I can see more on the screen.

When I read the specs on the new Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook I literally drooled and let out a “YESS!!!!” You see… the specs on this machine are amazing. It is more powerful than my desktop, and probably than a new desktop that I might order right now. As someone who travels a lot while power computing and is always on the go, this is exactly what I need.

Great for Travel & Entertainment

The Dell XPS 13 is the smallest 13″ laptop on the planet. It fits a stunning 13″ InfinityEdge 4K display into the body of a 11″ laptop. And weighing less than 3 lbs, I can easily cover it with the awesome Dell sleeve and tuck it into a large purse instead of taking along a separate bag. Although, I absolutely love the Dell Premier Backpack that I received along with my XPS 13. It has plenty of pockets for packing everything that I need, and it doesn’t get bulky.


I recently took my XPS 13 away on a family road trip. It was cold, which we expected. What we didn’t expect is that there would be a snowstorm. We did have fun sledding, ice skating, and playing in the snow. But because of the weather, we spent a fair amount of time in our condo watching movies. My XPS made it easy! I was able to plug in my Dell Adapter which instantly adds an HDMI port, VGA, Ethernet, and a USB 3.0.


Once that was plugged into the USB port on my XPS 13 I was able to connect an HDMI cable so that the kids could watch movies.


Even without hooking it up to a television the incredible InfinityEdge 4k screen makes watching movies a pleasure. I really love the way that the thin bezel gives the impression of watching on a larger screen. The screen is bright and the colors are fantastic!


I also received a Dell Power Companion. This is a portable charger on steroids. The Power Companion includes enough power to charge the XPS 13 while on the go without having to find an outlet. And it can also charge up to two smartphones on the included USB ports. You just charge it using the same AC adapter that your XPS 13 uses. The Power Companion can extend your battery life up to 11 hours!


Awesome Multitasking

Since the XPS is packed full of power, it makes me happy to work on it! It has a large 1TB SSD hard drive unlike some other laptops this size. I have a competitor laptop with similar specs. However, it came with only a 256gb hard drive. While that may be plenty for some, for a power user like me that is not much space. I cannot even sync my whole Google Drive! However, the Dell XPS 13 is available with up to a 1TB PCIe SSD hard drive! This makes me so happy. I did not have to pick and choose which folders to sync. I was able to sync it all! And I have plenty of space to install other programs that I use every day.

Travel Pros

  • Small size – Small enough to fit in my large purse or small backpack.
  • Packed full of power – Available with up to an Intel i7 processor and 16gb of RAM to handle multitasking
  • Outstanding screen – First virtually borderless 4k InfinityEdge display for clear, beautiful movies and photos.
  • Great battery life – The XPS 13 runs up to 15 hours on the FHD display (and 11 hours on the QHD+). When used with the Dell Power Companion, you get up to to 22 hours of use!


Travel Cons

  • The only con that I see is that the XPS 13 is not a convertible like some might expect out of a laptop of this caliber, so no flipping it to a tablet. The Dell XPS 12 was a convertible of sorts. But honestly, I don’t do this much with the Windows convertible that I have now.

In Closing

The Dell XPS 13 has become my favorite travel companion. I love that I can easily take it with me and use it anywhere. The available specs are incredible. With 16gb of RAM and a 1TB hard drive, I do not have to worry about being held back. So far this little beauty has been able to handle everything that I’ve thrown at it!

Stay tuned for more on how much I love my Dell XPS 13!

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Disclosure: The Dell XPS 13 and accessories were provided to me in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.