Can you believe that it’s May already? This means that the weather is breaking, proms are happening all over, and many parents are watching their teens graduate from high school. I have several friends who are experiencing this right now. And I have to say, it brings up some feelings!


I have watched many of these kids grow up. Where did the time go?? They are now moving on to the next phase of their lives and it makes me realize this will be happening in my own home in a few short years. And this makes me think about the safety of my children.

As your kids grow older you will teach them how to be aware of their surroundings, and their personal safety. They also learn home safety by watching you. My kids are aware of how to arm and disarm the alarm system and engage the deadbolt. They know not to open the door for strangers. They know to make sure that all of the doors and the patio are locked. And they some other things about keeping the household safe.

However, as your kids prepare to move out on their own, they will realize just how much more goes into running a household and living pretty much on their own. Of course this depends on whether or not they are living in a dorm or off campus housing, but both are equally important. Below are a few tips to consider.

Get to Know Your Roommate

We can all hope that our children have good luck with roommates, but things do happen. If possible, choose a friend that you are already comfortable with as a roommate. Make it someone that you trust. Of course it’s fun to get to know and love a new friend too! If there are meet and greets available before choosing, attend them and see who you click with. Remember that you still need to be careful about your surroundings even with a trustworthy roommate.

Protect Your Valuables

College dorms are busy places. You or your roommate may have friends stopping by. You may not know all of them well. Be sure to lock up your valuables when you are not in your room. Be careful about leaving expensive gadgets out in plain view of strangers. No point in tempting anyone to steal from you. Put a safe like the Sentry Safe SFW123TSC in the corner of your room for locking up tablets and other valuables.


Protect Your Home From Thieves

If you are living off campus, choose a secure apartment building if possible. A doorman or security guard can make you feel safer when coming in late at night. And some campus housing may even have escorts that will safely walk you to your building from night classes or campus jobs.

In addition, you may want to install an alarm system in your apartment or house to securely lock up at all times. Campus housing is a popular spot for thieves. They know that students mean gadgets. They are looking for laptops, smartphones, and more. Don’t give them easy access.

Protect Your Home From Fire

I did not go away to college, but I have heard stories. Things can get a bit wild I guess. Be sure that oven burned pizza does not destroy your home. Make sure that there are plenty of smoke detectors and that the batteries work.

Change the Locks

One of the first things that you should do when moving into a new apartment or house is change the locks. You never know who might still have keys to the old one. Residents often give extra keys to friends and family for emergencies, and may forget to return them when they move. Don’t take unnecessary risks. Invest in a good deadbolt set like the Master Lock BCCO0615 Door Lock set.


Even though watching your kids move out can be a very emotional time, you can add a little more peace of mind by taking steps to keep your big kid safe.


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Master Lock. All opinions are my own.