I remember when I got my first projector. It was huge. And I think I paid around $1000 for it. That was back in 2002 I believe. Advances in technology have allowed great projectors to come down in both size and price. The new ZTE Spro 2 is not only a great option in my business to display slideshows for my clients, I love to use it at home just for fun.

Projectors are quite versatile. However, most traditional projectors require a computer to really be useful. If you want to display a PowerPoint presentation you have to hook up your laptop via an HDMI cable and start up the program. Want to watch Netflix? You will also have to do that via your computer. And most projectors require the use of a power cable, HDMI cable, and large table for setting it up before you can start the show.

How cool would it be to use a projector without bulky cables? How cool would it be to do a lot more with a projector without the use of your computer? That is the new ZTE Spro 2. Available as WiFi only or with AT&T or Verizon 4G LTE service, this Android powered projector allows you to use Netflix, Hulu, and just about any other Android app to do more.

Notable Specifications

  • Android 4.4 (KitKat)
  • Displays from 14″ up to 120″
  • Dual JBL speakers
  • Lamp Life of 20,000 hours
  • Support for up to 64GB microSD™ card
  • Only 5.3″ high by 5.2″ wide
  • Weighs only 19.4 oz

The ZTE Spro 2 came with a very nice carrying case. I love this! I had a problem finding cases suitable for my larger projectors, so I am very glad that I did not have to worry about it with this one. It also includes an HDMI cable, and power/charging adapter.

ZTE Spro™ 2 (WiFi) Portable Projector Review

The battery life is just about 2 hours. Of course this depends on how much you use it, but this should be enough to watch a full movie without worrying about charging. And of course you can use the unit while it’s plugged in as well.

ZTE Spro™ 2 (WiFi) Portable Projector Review

Setup was super easy. Since it runs on Android it was similar to setting up a new phone. I was able to log in with my Gmail address and it synced my mail, apps, and more. And you can install more apps via the Google Play store.

The picture that this projector provides is surprisingly good for such a small unit. It displays up to 120″ which is the same as larger projectors. At 720p you will have no problems with blur. It also looks good in a room that is not even totally dark. Whether you choose to display on a small area or a larger area the quality is just as good. And the auto-focus is awesome! No more need to turn those little wheels to get the focus right. The below photo does not do the quality justice.

ZTE Spro™ 2 (WiFi) Portable Projector Review

Since the Spro 2 has both a microSD card slot as well as a USB slot you can load up family movies to show when visiting the Grandparents, traveling in a hotel room, or when family comes to visit.

ZTE Spro™ 2 (WiFi) Portable Projector Review

The ZTE Spro 2 also has awesome sound for such a small unit. The built-in JBL by Harman speakers provide great sound for watching movies without an external speaker. However, if you need even more sound for a larger room you can easily plug in external speakers via the audio jack, or connect it to a Bluetooth speaker.

ZTE Spro™ 2 (WiFi) Portable Projector Review

I have to say that I cannot wait to use this when I travel. In the past it has been hit or miss when staying in a hotel whether or not I will be able to hook up my laptop or streaming media device to a TV to show movies. Sometimes it is not an issue, but other times they have the port blocked so you cannot get to it at all. Since the ZTE Spro 2 has the Google Play store, you can install all of the streaming media apps you want, display a movie from USB, or from a microSD card slot. As long as you have a nice wall in your room, you can watch whatever you want! You can connect the projector into the hotel’s WiFi, or attach it to you own hotspot.

You can also download the Spro2 Remote Control app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. This let’s you completely control your Spro2 from your smartphone. This eliminates the need to get up and walk over to the projector to pause, rewind, or choose another app.

ZTE Spro™ 2 (WiFi) Portable Projector Review


I am loving this little projector. I definitely see using it quite a bit in the future. The ZTE Spro 2 (WiFi only) can be found at Best Buy for $449.99. You can also find the ZTE Spro 2 projector on Amazon.

Disclosure: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.