You may not know this about me, but I’m absolutely addicted to HGTV and DIY Network. Every now and then I go through phases where that is all that I watch all day long. I’m in one of those phases right now. My mind is on moving, getting a new home, choosing finishes, painting and decorating. You get the point.


When I was asked to pay a visit to my local At Home store, I said… “Absolutely!” The store is pure heaven for design addicts. Everything that you can think of to decorate your home is there. I admit that before this opp I had never heard of the store. And now I feel like I was missing out!

You see, I’ve been in this house for 10 years, but I don’t feel that I have really “decorated”. When we moved in my girls were only 3. My boys were newborns. At that time decorating was the last thing on my mind. And by my kids being so young, I didn’t want to do too much. 4 small kids + a ton of furniture = trouble. And I didn’t want to go through painting pretty walls because I feared that small kids would constantly put their hands all over them, and write on them. And I was right! I had every intention of painting and doing more decorating later, but then life happened. So far I’ve only painted my girl’s room, one wall in my kitchen, and touched up other spots on the walls (to get rid of the previously mentioned writing and kid prints).

I went to the At Home Store armed with a $50 At Home gift card and absolutely no idea what I was looking for! We spent a good 2 hours browsing through everything in the store. I took photos of items that I’m interested in, made notes on bar stools that will match the decor that we have in mind, found plenty of cool art and sayings for the walls, and picked out patio furniture!


I had organizing a small space on my mind. Although our home is a nice size, the rooms are not mansion sized! I am always looking for ways to maximize storage. With 2 people in each bedroom there is a lot of stuff to organize!

The At Home store is also a great place to get items to furnish and decorate a dorm room. Summer is here and many parents will soon be helping their young adults prepare to leave for college. They will need plenty of storage to organize their belongings and keep them separate from their roommates. Think containers, hangers, under the bed storage, ottomans that double as storage chests, and baskets. If you are purchasing gifts for a college-goer check out the Back to Campus link which has great gift ideas for college dorms.

Here are some highlights from our trip.

Lots of bling!

You know that I love my bling! This gorgeous blingy box will definitely have a spot in my home. I can use it for jewelry, makeup, trinkets, or whatever. I just know that it needs to be here.


Star Wars Lunchboxes!

This needs no explanation. LOL.


Plenty of Stylish Desk Storage

I spend a lot of time in my office and it’s important that I have enough storage, otherwise things quickly get out of hand. The At Home store has plenty of magazine storage, desk accessories, and cute racks to store paper, forms, homework, and more.


Everything that we looked at was very reasonably priced. While I saw many, many, MANY items that I would love to go back for once we get settled in the new house, for now we left with some much needed grilling accessories. Ok… we didn’t need them. We are just obsessed with grilling and accessories. 🙂



Check out the At Home site to find a store near you. Happy shopping!


Disclosure: This post is brought to you by At Home Stores. All opinions are my own.