All of my friends know that I LOVE to travel. At least a couple of times a years I try to either take a cruise, or hit the beach! However, planning for a new can trip be one the hardest parts. But, once you are leaving your comfort zone and you find yourself in a new and exciting world, you will never want to go back to your old, boring life. Traveling is a compelling experience that opens your eyes to new and beautiful things in the world, to new and fascinating people that you meet along the way, and to many other excitements that make you cherish your time more.


However, traveling can be more fun with some new gadgets by your side. Trust me, I know! It’s my motto that it’s better to be over prepared than underprepared. The following travel accessories can really help you experience a more intense journey and make your next holiday one of your best memories. Here are a few gadgets that are a change from the usual list.

Bluesmart Smart Luggage

It’s no secret that I love smart gadgets. They free you of some boring routines, and hopefully make your trip much smoother. This is the case with smart luggage. I am sure you never thought that a suitcase could be turned into a smart gadget. However, once you get one, you won’t imagine another trip without this accessory.


The Bluesmart line of luggage resists most weather conditions, so you don’t have to worry about any of your gadgets getting wet. You can even download the Bluesmart application to your smartphone and use it to lock your luggage, and keep track of it wherever it is (this can come in handy if your stuff gets lost on the way). You can even scale the weight of your luggage so that you know if you can take it with you on the plane or not. The Bluesmart also functions as a battery charger. You can charge anything up to 6 times so that you will no longer pause your journey because of battery issues. Oh how I need this!!

GoPro Hero Session

Moving around with a huge, professional camera with a huge lens can be uncomfortable and even make you a target for burglary. However, the smallest camera at this hour is just the thing you need to immortalize the cool adventures in your journey. Enter the GoPro Hero Session.


The crew at GoPro came up a camera that doesn’t lack in performance, and is already enveloped in protective layers, so you don’t need to add a bulky casing. And it can be attached to almost anything. It wouldn’t be a GoPro camera if it weren’t resistant to just about everything the most extreme sports folks can throw at it. All you have to do is push the only button from the square surface of the Hero Session and dive into the waving ocean. This device is not for the professionals that need to play with the photo settings before the shots. However, for just $200, you can record in HD up to 1440p.

The Fitbit

Usually, any trip away from home is a welcoming disconnection from your life. The disadvantage of this is that you may slack off of your fitness routine. That’s why an activity tracker like FitBit wristband is making the entry in our list. Some models, like the Fitbit Blaze, are not only a great fitness trackers, but also offer smartphone notifications.



The Leather Messenger Bag

With all the tech accessories for girls and maybe the gadgets for the tech travelers I talked to you about some time ago, the need for a spacious bag to carry all these accessories becomes a necessity.

The Serbags collection caught my attention. These are some fashionable, functional accessories, and it seems like this collection has a bag for any kind of girl. The best thing about them is that they are full of pockets of different sizes that make organizing an easy and pleasant job. You have to have a bag to hold all of your gear when exploring.


ScotteVest Vest or Jacket

I just received a ScotteVest and I love it! My full review is coming later when it’s actually cool enough to wear it out the house and really give it a try, but I can tell that I’m going to wear this jacket to death. I received The Chloe. There are pockets for all of my jackets, money, glasses, and everything else that I can imagine. There’s a variety of outerwear available for both men and women in many colors and sizes.


What are some of your favorite gadgets for traveling?


Happy traveling!