I used to be a gamer. Over the years I have run out of time to play. However, I am mom to 2 little gamers! If there’s a PC gamer who has a special place in your heart, but you don’t play any kind of games yourself, then buying gifts for them can be a real challenge. You may have tried browsing blogs and journals about PC gaming, and found nothing but jargon which makes your head hurt. If you’re still struggling to find a good gift idea, here are a few suggestions which are sure-fire winners.


A Great Gaming PC

Well of course you need this to game! If it’s time, there are some really great PCs out there for gamers. One that caught my eye is the Lenovo Y Series of gaming laptops. Those things are sweet! They are packed full of power, and have sweet light up, multi-color backlit keyboards. Yes… of course something like that would get my attention! 🙂

There are many models available. The 14″ IdeaPad Y700 is for the casual gamer. Then there’s the high-performance, 17″ IdeaPad Y900, for the gaming enthusiast.


Half-Life 2 Gordon Freeman Hoodie

No, he’s not related to Morgan Freeman! If you’re completely hopeless when it comes to gaming knowledge, then you’ll naturally be wondering who this guy is. Gordon Freeman is the main protagonist in Valve’s Half-Life series. Although the games themselves are pretty dated, they’re considered classic landmarks of gaming history, and the name still crops up on various forums to this day. Think The Godfather, Gone with the Wind, Taxi Driver. Half-Life is the gaming equivalent to these classic titles. Ask some of your gamer’s friends and family if they were ever into a Half-Life game. I bet you they were! If you get the green light, then this Gordon Freeman hoodie is a sure winner. It mimics the protective suit worn by the hero of the game, and is a reference your PC gamer will be proud to wear!



New Graphics Card

PC gamers love their hardware. When they’re not lusting over the latest announcement trailer for the next game in their favorite series, they’re daydreaming about the next piece of hardware they can add to their PC setup which will make their experience that much better. There are a lot of pieces that go into a good PC gaming rig, but most seasoned gamers will tell you that the most important piece is the graphics card. Graphics cards (sometimes referred to as display cards) dictate how good a game looks on the gamer’s monitor, and how high their frame-rate can get up to (that’s how fast the display reacts to their actions). There’s a massive range of brands and models to choose from, and it may be worth probing your gamer’s friends or social media pages to find out the brands they like best. Narrow down the right one, and it’s sure to go down a storm!


New Headset or Mic

Aside from simply playing, your gamer might be working on a YouTube or Twitch presence, or releasing podcasts about their gaming. Believe it or not, my 10 year old boys do this already. One day I may unleash their YouTube channels on the world. With the amount of gamers like Pewdiepie out there who are making a great living simply by playing games and commenting on it, videos and promotion are now part of the package for a lot of passionate gamers. The main components of a good stream are a good PC, good recording software, and a good mic. If you know the PC gamer in your life is into all this, then a new, high-quality mic is a great thing to buy them. The Blue Yeti brand dominates gaming audio equipment. However, if they prefer a headset, as many gamers do, check out some of the great options on Amazon.


Stay tuned. Many more gift suggestions to come!