The following is a guest post.

Getting the perfect shot outside is much harder than planning for an inside day of shooting photos. There are so many variables out in nature that makes it hard for you to know exactly when that perfect moment is to be captured. There is also the added caveat of you wanting to enjoy the nature while you are taking photos of it. Luckily there are a lot of apps out there now that assists us in taking incredible photos with less effort and stress.


Working with the Elements

Instead of having to battle the elements you should want to work alongside them to take incredible natural photos of the outside world. Outdoor photographers can do that through using different types of apps, the first selection is The Photographers Ephemeris. This application allows you plan for your outdoor shoots by tracking the sun and moon.

These two bodies of celestial light are especially important for photography and both nighttime and daytime. There is so much that is affected by the light and you should have a reliable tool to find when and what points of the sky these two are going to be in. You’ll be able to use their built in calculator to figure out how their light is going to lie across the land and then plan ahead for a photo shoot.

Sometimes you’re not just looking for the perfect day shot, but something else. If you go ahead and see what the weather is like through one of the Apalon Apps for Android, you’ll be able to track down what type of weather shot you’re looking for. Maybe you want to ride out into the storm and get a lightning shot of some kind.


Planning Ahead

Some of the most important if not the most important aspect of photography is being at the right place at the right time. This can be done through the Pashadelic app. There are so many landscape areas that allows for you figure out the best locations to shoot for an iconic shot and what settings you should use when you get to that location. This app assists with all of that and tells you even the lens and settings that should be used to get the photograph you want, or look at a photo that had already been taken in a specific area.

Finally, for our night shooters we look at SkySafari. This is one of those apps that will tell you about the constellations up in the sky. Going for some crazy night shots into the abyss of space can make for some meaningful outdoors photography. You’ll just need to find the direction to go in and blast that shutter lens away for some amazing photography.

The app allows you to understand what you’re looking at too and take even better photos with different angles and the best positions for shooting. The app is not only a great tool for photography, but to learn a little bit more about the night sky as well.


This is a guest post by Elise Nixon who is an amateur photographer. Elise writes about taking better photo’s and preparing for a photo trip. She enjoys hiking and capturing nature and landscape scenes.