For some of us, it’s pretty obvious that our smartphones are the most important relationships we have in our lives these days. We use them for everything, and we plan our lives with them. Our smartphones allow us to connect to the world, share photos, take notes, keep appointments, and keep up with friends and family. But, when we are not working, or connecting with friends and family our phones are great sources of entertainment. You know the saying… there’s an app for that. And there is! There is an app for just about everything. And relaxing and blowing off some steam is definitely important.


It’s really important to have some time to relax and switch off as much as you possibly can. Check out some of these amazing ways our phones keep us entertained.


Music Apps

Sure, there are music apps available on smartphones that let us listen to music. Things like iTunes and Spotify are excellent for that. But, you also need to remember that there are apps for those who are musically inclined too. For example, you can get free online metronome or guitar tuning apps. These help musicians looking to play or understand how music works. It makes the tuning of instruments much simpler and teaches you about keeping a beat.  These apps are important for budding modern musicians. If you are in a band or looking to study music classically, you need to make full use of these apps as much as you can. Search the Apple Store or Google Play store under Music & Audio and give some a try.


Movie & TV Streaming Apps

You already know how I feel about Netflix. And I am a lover of Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. The amount of streaming content out there can keep you busy and entertained for a long, long time. I mean, who doesn’t love Netflix? Each service has it’s own strength when it comes to streaming. Hulu is great for catching up on your favorite current shows. Netflix is great for original shows and endless movies. And Amazon Prime has their own original content as well.  And the great thing about them all is that you can take it with you.



Reading & Book Apps

Love to read? By now you know that you can get apps on your phone to read until your hearts content. Sure, we all love our technology, but our love for reading is as strong as ever. Technology has advanced and adapted to help us read without hauling books. You might have invested in a Kindle to read your books digitally. But, you can also use your phone to do this too. Apps like Amazon Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and even the Bible have apps that allow you to carry dozens of books in your pocket.



There are an endless amount of games available for mobile play. I can remember when there were not that many. Now, new games are developed constantly. You can find your old favorites like card games or scrabble, new very addictive games like Pokemon GO, or even games that allow you to play with friends like Words with Friends. Basically, if you have a smartphone, you should never be bored!


It’s pretty clear from this post how much of an impact phones can have on our entertainment. They provide plenty of different types of apps to keep us occupied and interested no matter where we are.