I am all about celebrating amazing women doing amazing things. Whether it be technology, entrepreneurial work, or art… what women do and are acknowledged for has come a long way and it rocks! Can you guess what percentage of the art in museums across the nation is by female artists? If your guess was along the lines of criminally low, then you are correct! According to Artnews, a staggering 30% of all artists represented in galleries across the United States are female. In some highbrow institutions like The Metropolitan Museum in New York City, that number is much lower, more like 6%. Numbers like this are frustrating – and one museum tour company is trying to do something about it.

Museum Hack is a renegade museum tour company that hosts tours across the United States in some of the world’s most amazing museums in New York City, Chicago, Washington D.C. and San Francisco. Museum Hack hopes to change how female artists and female subjects are viewed in the museum through one of their most revolutionary tours: The Badass Bitches Tour. This tour, which was developed in NYC and is widely popular, is now at the de Young in San Francisco, was created specifically to reveal the underrepresentation of female artists in museums. Badass Bitches is unlike any other museum tour out there. It’s all about empowering women by highlighting the heroines of the museum, both modern and historical.

The de Young in San Francisco holds some of the world’s most fabulous and magical works of art. Because of this, there are also a lot of juicy stories and gossip that surround the art that Museum Hack likes to talk about. There are even more salacious stories about the female artists and female subjects in the museum’s collections that are just begging to be heard. Celebrating these amazing women is just one of the awesome aspects of a tour designed to dismantle the patriarchy. The Badass Bitches tour is total celebration of feminism, with no man-hating, and is perfect for both guys and non-gender specified humans.

You’ll leave this Museum Hack tour feeling empowered, informed and in-love with what you’ve learned.


Highlights of the Badass Bitches Tour:

  • Fall in love with some seriously AMAZING women you may have never heard of
  • Take steps towards dismantling the patriarchy!
  • Hear plenty of ‘F’ bombs (Feminism, that is)
  • Be inspired to change the world

Another cool aspect of Museum Hack is that they do team building events at the de Young as well. Team building adventures like an exciting trip to the museum, are perfect for helping boost team morale and help your employees get to know each other.  If your company is looking for a team building activity that is also full to the brim with female empowerment, try the Badass Bitches Tour! If you are more interested in creating a fun and engaging activity at the museum that mimics your company’s values, history and goals, then you can do a 100% customizable team building tour. Complete with the sassy spirit of all Museum Hack tours, a team building adventure at the museum is something your employees with never forget.

Not a big museum fan? Don’t ditch the idea just yet. Museum Hack’s model is designed specifically for people who hate museums!  Perfect for both the museum lover and the unconvinced.

About Museum Hack: Museum Hack does renegade museum tours at the best museums in NYC, San Francisco, Washington D.C., and Chicago. Tour types include, VIP, private, corporate team building and bachelorette parties.


Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Museum Hack.