My 10 year old twin boys love their video games. They play Minecraft, Roblox, and several XBox games quite regularly. But, they do not limit their love of gaming just to play. They have been using Scratch to learn a bit about coding as it relates to creating video games. And I love that they are into it! Why?? It’s a great skill to have. Learning to code games can lead to coding other stuff. However, even if it doesn’t coding games can be a very lucrative career. And, it’s not as hard as you think to make money.

While creating games for PC or gaming systems may be be a bit more intensive, creating a game for mobile devices can net some big profits… quickly. People are on their mobile devices ALL….THE….TIME. While my sons are into gaming on their PCs or XBox, my girls use their smartphones to play games, just like a large number of us do each and every day. In fact, more people play games on their mobile devices than gaming systems. And this is where a great game developer can get a lucky break. Creating the right game that catches on can spread like wildfire, especially since mobile apps are not usually very expensive.

Some games in both the iOS store and Google Play store are free, and supported by ads. Some are sold for as little as 99 cent. Shelling out 99 cent for a game that you enjoy is not a big deal. You might even spend a little more than that to add more features to the game.

Although 99 cent does not sound like much, if you create a great game you have the potential for thousands of people to buy it. And that means $$$$$.

Check out the infographic below to learn a bit about How Game Makers earn Millions – $0.99 at a Time!

how game makers earn millions

Infographic courtesy of WhoIsHostingThis?