So after having a pretty good string of posting back in November and December of 2016, you may have noticed that I have been pretty scarce around here for the past 3 weeks or so. Luckily I was able to catch up on all of my sponsored content, so I took a much-needed break! But the main reason for my being MIA is that I got a job! After working from home for just one month shy of 5 years, I am now back in the workforce! I went back to my roots so to speak. I got very lucky and landed a position at the same company that I worked at for 16 years. It’s a different department, but it’s the same type of tech work that I love doing. And some of the same awesome people still work there. I am greatly enjoying myself. It feels good to be back. I missed those steady paychecks!

And although my body is still fighting it, it feels good to be more active. Lots of walking involved where I work! Every day is not like this, but I still move around a lot more than sitting at home! Part of our “resolutions” (in quotes because I don’t really do those anymore) is to be healthier this year, which means being more active, working out, and eating better. I’ve got walking covered!

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Steps

I started right before the holidays, so up until this week, it was very quiet. However, I have to admit that adjusting has been taking its toll. I AM EXHAUSTED!! I had enjoyed the long stretch of napping mid-day, waking up without an alarm on days when I did not have to take the kids to school, and staying up super late to write when inspiration strikes. But now? It’s a struggle staying up past 9:30 pm! In fact, there was one day soon after I started back to work that I was in bed and asleep by 8:30! One great thing is that my position is part-time. I get Fridays off, so I can sleep late and/or catch up on other things that I need to do. Woot!

It’s only been 3 weeks. I’m sure that with some time and practice I will get it together. Another huge part of my sanity and stamina will be when we finally move! Until this week getting to work had been fairly smooth. There was traffic, but nothing bad. My trip was a quick (in my opinion) 40-45 minutes. But when things are bad, things are bad!! If you are not familiar with Interstate 55 in Chicago consider yourself lucky! It can be a beast. This week’s traffic has proven that. Add a touch of rain and my commute to work skyrocketed to around 1 hour and 30 minutes… Most of it on I-55. And that is to go only 38 miles!!

I don’t even want to talk about going home. Right now my evening commute is enough to make me want to pull over to the side of the road and go Michael Douglas in Falling Down. It’s just bad EVERY.SINGLE.DAY unless I hang out in the city and waste time until after rush hour. I’m convinced that drive drains every bit of my energy. By the time I get home, I do not want to do a thing. I just want to sit and stare blankly at the TV. Spending 1.5 hours in traffic 4 days a week to get home is just not my idea of a good time! YAWN! After our move, I will have a much better commute. It will be about 30 minutes and only 20 miles. And that route is not evil like I-55! Just a few more weeks, I can make it…

Starting this week I am trying to force myself on a balancing schedule to get back on track with blogging, etc. Wish me luck!

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